Public Can Learn More About Proposed Wake Toll Roads

Posted February 8, 2007

— Residents can get input Thursday on three highways in western Wake County, which could become the state's first toll roads.

The three roadways -- the Triangle Parkway, the Western Wake Parkway and part of Interstate 540 from N.C. Highway 54 to N.C. 55 -- would all connect. Triangle Parkway extends N.C. Highway 147 3.5 miles from Interstate 40 in Durham County to Interstate 540 in Wake County. The Western Wake Parkway extends from I-540 from N.C. Highway 55 south of Morrisville to N.C. 55 south of Apex.

The plan set forth by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority is to toll the three roads all at the same time. Turnpike officials said the benefit to having toll roads is that it gets the roads built two to three times faster.

"We hope to have the whole corridor open by no later than 2011," said Steve Dewitt, of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority.

However, some mayors in western Wake County say the current plan is not fair. Drivers on the western part of I-540 would have to pay while the other sections, open now, are free.

"The Outer Loop is nearly two-thirds finished and to complete the rest of it with a tolling mechanism, I find, is certainly not equitable to western Wake County and it's certainly not good public policy," said Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly.

The mayors in western part of Wake County must approve the plan before it can go forward. That vote is expected this summer. Residents can find out more about the toll road plan from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Apex High School cafeteria at 1501 Laura Duncan Road.

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  • Nothing New Feb 8, 2007

    I am personally opposed to tolls on any section, unless ALL sections of 540 is toll. My tax dollars and yours paid for those parts already in place, feels like I am supporting North Raliegh and they expect me to pay for my own (Support Me - My bills are ours, your bills are yours).

    Has anyone done any number crunching from the hand outs from tonights meeting? The propose cost is between $405 to $725 million dollars for 12.6 miles of roads. That equates to $32.1 to $57.5 Million Dollars per MILE, does anyone else think that is excessive?

    Seems DOT, NCTA, WCC and WCPS all have something in common, poor planning and wanting piles and piles of tax payer money to spend.

  • Slip Kid Feb 8, 2007

    As a former apex resident and now in RTP, I agree that putting tolls on our roads is not the answer to our growth problems and i extremely unfair to residents of West of Raleigh. If tolls are implemented, implement them on ALL segments of I-540. This would be much more fair to all and reduce the cost of each toll.

    I don't relish the heat the turnpike 'authority' will take as they enbark on this latest tax on good citizens.

    ps - we moved away from Apex within months of finding out about the US1/64 and NC55 expansion projects.

  • srhodes4 Feb 8, 2007

    If the "out-of-towners" want things like they were back home,then,get on one of the future TOLL(tax)roads and head in the opposite direction.It really annoys me the way the government thinks that we(the people)have an endless supply of MONEY!

  • Lit Feb 8, 2007

    ...Once they build toll booths on I-540, they'll toll I-440, then they'll toll I-40, then we'll have tolls everywhere. Toll booths permanent cash pots for politicians and their 'fat cat' big-business buddies...

  • MR2U Feb 8, 2007

    It's actually quite silly. They claim it's only to help expedite the construction of this road, but it won't return a penny till it's completed. Meanwhile up on the the northern end where the road already exists and they are benefited from being first class citizens taking advantage of the money we here have paid to build that road there is no mention to put tolls there to start collecting money immediately to help build this road now where we are. Why? cause the spineless politicians and bureaucrats no longer have a "carrot" in the hand to justify what amounts to a tax increase.

  • kaecee Feb 8, 2007

    slee, did you see the webpage that I put up earlier on how US29 in is going to become I-785 or something like that.. one of the several Interstates they are building in the Piedmont Triad region.

  • diesel Feb 8, 2007

    I don,t think we need any toll roads.We just need to get rid of the pocket lining politions.we have roads here in the state that are all the pices and that need to be repaired before they need to build new ones.I85from henderson to the state line is so bad it will knock the front end out from under your car.butit never get fixed.route 29 north of Reidsville to the state line is the same way.we have already paid for this so i say we don,t need toll roads.

  • A_Patriot Feb 8, 2007

    Funny... US-1 "parallels" I-95...

  • joyg Feb 8, 2007

    I cannot believe toll roads are even being considered in our area. Look at Georgia 400 going into Atlanta and the Garden State Parkway in NJ (NJ said that the tolls were only going to remain until the road was paid for - that happened years ago, tolls remain and have gone up in price) as examples of traffic issues associated with tolls. Even with Fast Passes the traffic on these roads are horrendous. Please take toll roads off the table. I would rather pay for the roads with bond issues.

  • Lit Feb 8, 2007

    In my opinion once they start tolling I-540, eventually they'll start tolling 440, then eventually I-40, then eventually they'll have toll booths everywhere. I think toll boths will only cause more traffic congestion and inconvenience for drivers. They're also just another source of money for irresponsible politicians.