Commuters May Soon Get Relief From I-540 Bottleneck

Posted February 6, 2007

— An part of Interstate 540 has drawn the ire of commuters. The state Department of Transportation has heard the complaints and officials said they plan to address it sooner rather than later.

Motorists have complained that Interstate 540 squeezes down to one lane as it connects with I-40, causing a traffic bottleneck during the morning commute.

DOT crews are working to connect Interstate 540 to Highway 54 since many of those drivers currently use I-40 to enter Research Triangle Park. DOT officials hope the new roadway would ease traffic congestion in the area.

Contractors hope to have the project completed by May 2007. The project was originally slated for completion in August 2007, but due to the high volume of complaints from motorists, officials said they will try to extend the roadway sooner.


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  • kevboom Feb 6, 2007

    Good point about the lane crashers. It would also help if the state posted a few troopers every morning to ticket the BMW's and Saabs and Hummers that do crash over the solid white lane at the last minute. It always seems to be the wealthy, self-important business folk. No shortage in RTP I guess. Lucky us. Don't suppose a half-mile of those flexi-poles would make any difference, protecting that last stretch of merge from the crashers? Probably just crash before the first pole, but it's worth a shot, especially if the first pole is a fat concrete barricade they can wrap their $70k cars around.

  • golfdoc33 Feb 6, 2007

    It would help if people know that they are going west on 40 to merge before they get to the bottleneck and not race on the outside then cut in front of everyone causing people to hit their brakes...of course that would help all over Raleigh but everyone thinks they are so great at driving or so damn important, they fail to be courteous...Im aware this is asking for a miracle with all the traffic we have...of course you could leave home earlier but that would crimp the style of the great IBM folks since they are so important...have a nice day

  • DontBelieveTheHype Feb 6, 2007

    Whatever happened to the monorail. Sigh.

  • Curegrrl Feb 6, 2007

    ya know...having to drive this route monday-friday...if people would merge over earlier instead of the last minute, there wouldn't be a problem...
    but, yeah, if the road was finished...that would be awesome too...this part of 540 should have opened before the part past capital to really sucks now!

  • chargernut69 Feb 6, 2007

    ...last week I couldn't spell engine-ar, and now I 'are' one!.... c'mon NCDOT, get a clue... this is not rocket science!

  • Red Feb 6, 2007

    My bet is it's the people who work in the new Lenovo building just off 540 at 54. I'd tend to agree that getting off 540 onto 40 then onto 54 could easily be cleared up by finishing the road project early, not widening an on ramp onto 40.

  • uglytruth Feb 6, 2007

    Another fine traffic mess brought to you by the NCDOT!! What overpaid engineer decided that one lane would be sufficient for connecting motorists from one major interstate to another? What's worse is there is going to be the same bottleneck problem for afternoon commuters going from I-40 East to the eventual I-540W towards Morrisville. Has anyone else noticed that drivers will have to jump 3 lanes in about 5 seconds (around Page Rd. entrants) to get on I-540 towards Morrisville? Whoever designed the 40/540 interchange ought to be fired! Or at least pay the DOT back for rotten, illogical design.

    Also, what good is it to improve the exit to Hwy 54 off of I-540 into RTP? Aren't the majority of RTP businesses on property North of I-40 along Davis Drive and Miami Blvd? This plan won't put a dent in the 540/40 bottleneck.

  • dhamma Feb 6, 2007

    I wonder if the Majority of the complaints were from those who wait in line, of those who fly past everyone and try to cut in at the last moment. If they want to speed it up, just fix the part that connects to 40, why make folks wait on the connector to 54 so they can use the I-40 section. At least that would provide some quick relief until the next connection to 54 is done.

  • Dayum Krazy Feb 6, 2007

    what cd1009 said

  • teacher Feb 6, 2007

    "A" part of I540. If you guys need a copy editor...