U.S. 1/64 Lane Closure in Cary to Affect Motorists

Posted January 9, 2007

— Starting today, officials with the state Department of Transportation have shut down one lane of northbound traffic on U.S. Highway 1/64 at Walnut Street in Cary.

DOT officials said the lane closure is necessary so crews can install overhead signs.

Crews began work in the area in January 2005. The ensuing construction caused traffic delays along the corridor. The work was completed in November 2006, but the return of the construction barrels is drawing the ire of motorists.

"I'm tired of it. I just wish they would keep those lanes open and let traffic flow," said motorist Dori Barnard.

The DOT engineer in charge of the project said even though the work has been completed, it is still a construction zone and the DOT reserves the right to close lanes and do work if necessary.

Officials said the lane closure should last about two weeks, weather permitting.

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  • imtmdl516 Jan 16, 2007

    What about those wonderful lights that are in the middle of the road. I noticed that the lights on 540 were on and working long before the road even opened.
    US1 has lights going down the middle of the road but not one of them is working. When can we expect to see some light on the road. It is very dark at night.

    GET THE LIGHTS WORKING!!! Thank you for not closing the lanes in the mornings any more too. The first day was a real nightmare!!!

  • steele403 Jan 11, 2007

    Those workers and DOT people are working on my dime so I feel comfortable pointing fingers....

    1) Why did they pour concrete on the north side of the cary parkway bridge and then jackhammer it ALL back out again 2 weeks later? (Just what exactly were the supervisors supervising?

    2) Why do they feel it is acceptable to leave their personal garbage (drink bottles, food wrappers, used gloves etc) and construction debris (treated wood blocks, 5 gallon cans, etc) dumped behind the sound wall? Isn't their supposed to be a stiff fine for littering roadways?

    3) About those lane markings. Oh yeah, what lane markings? Yesterday they had half of the the turn lanes on the exit ramp at Walnut street closed - after the corner where you couldn't see them. I watched 2 cars just about get bent when the lane they were in just disappeard. How many people does the negligence of the DOT have to kill before someone does something about it?

    Lyndo Tippett are you listening?

  • bill52674 Jan 10, 2007

    I get frustrated just as easily as the next person (patiently waiting for I-540 to open to Hwy 64). The only logic I could think was that the signs (or posts) weren't ready yet. They opened the highway before the holiday season to ease the traffic headache that comes with Thanksgiving and holiday shopping (which is hell around Cary Crossroads). Imagine what traffic would have been like if they didn't get the highway open for that.

  • Middle Road Jan 10, 2007

    Wouldn't it have made more sense to put up the signs during the long, long period when the road was pretty much completed, but not yet open to traffic? I'll bet the people who order the signs simply didn't order them early enough. Now tens of thousands end up with a much longer commute. Finally, 1/64 is open -- then it's not. It's frustrating.

  • Videoman Jan 9, 2007

    Its easy to complain when it not your job that is being criticized. When it was over 100 degrees outside last Summer, I didn't see many people stopping to offer the road crew guys some water. These guys do more work in 4 hours than most of us do in a week. If you think its so easy, Go For It! When you have to go back to your temperature controlled office and take a break, maybe then you'll understand what these guys are going through. Remember, if you are pointing a finger at someone, there are 3 pointing back at you.

  • NC to GA Jan 9, 2007

    Wonder if DOT people read posts about articles regarding them?.. It amazes me the ridiculous way road construction is handled. Seriously lengthy road closures, repeated road closures, multiple pieces going on at different times, 15 people watching 5 actually working, 3 people working on a 1-mile stretch while 20 others are standing around down the road, TOO MANY SUPERVISORS not working but only WATCHING everyone else work, not completing entire sections at a time, and so on.

    In most business settings, when a company sucks they get fired. If a waiter sucks - he gets fired. If a bank teller can't count - they get fired.

    Why is that this simple premise applies everywhere except government and government-initiated projects? AAARGH!

  • mjburke Jan 9, 2007

    par for the course...just when my commute seems to be getting better the DOT slaps another 30 minutes on to it...thanks guys!

  • spiritwarriorwoman Jan 9, 2007

    Another delay - and another traffic hazard. Wonder if this one will kill someone, like the last one did. No one could figure out where the lanes were, let alone where to put your car so you weren't trying to get in it the same time as someone else. Good grief!
    Praying for all.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB