Cary increases safety signage at site of fatal crash

Posted July 9, 2012

— Traffic engineers have placed six new signs near a Cary intersection where a couple died in a February collision.

Residents called for a stop light at West Chatham Street at Cary Parkway after the Feb. 12 wreck that killed Martikia Adams, 22, of Raleigh, and her boyfriend, Brian Cobb, 26, of Cary.

Adams was trying to make a left turn onto Cary Parkway when her Saturn crossed into the path of a Dodge Avenger, police said. The driver of the Avenger, Meghan Sladek, 22, of Apex, was charged with speeding.

"It was a bit unsafe," driver Nan Haugan said of the intersection. "Anything they could do to make it safer is good."

Engineers with the state Department of Transportation said the intersection doesn't meet the criteria to warrant a traffic light, but they met with Cary officials in recent months to come up with ideas to improve safety.

"There was nothing that really stood out as a crash pattern," said David Spencer, senior traffic engineer in Cary.

Crews recently added signage, including a stop sign in the median of West Chatham Street. Other signs alert drivers to watch their speed and be prepared to stop.

Traffic signs at Cary intersection Cary intersection doesn't qualify for traffic light

They also trimmed back tree branches to make it easier to see the stop sign on the right side of the road and put reflectors on both stop signs.

Spencer the cost of the changes was minimal because the town has all of the signs in stock.

"A traffic light may have been a good idea, but at least it's something – a little better than it was before," Haugan said.

"It's not like a big, huge change," said Fred Stansell, who lives nearby. "In my mind, they don't need a red light there. ... (They) just need to encourage people to obey the speed limit."

Neighbors said they've noticed more of a police presence at the intersection in recent months.

"If we start to see crashes continue to happen or if we see a pattern develop, then we'll take the appropriate steps," Spencer said.


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  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Jul 16, 2012

    Rebelyell - "How about a sign warning people driving Saturns--made of mainly plastic--not to pull out in front of SUV's?"

    It was an Avenger, not an SUV, and the story said it was the driver of the Avenger who was charged with speeding.

    The driver of the Saturn couldn't possibly have read the speedometer of the Avenger before pulling out.

    Had the driver of the Avenger been doing the speed limit, there may not have been an accident at all. And that's a big problem nowadays - people exceeding the posted speed limit raising cane with their horns when people pull out in front of them instead of slowing to the posted speed limit realizing people are gauging their decisions upon that information.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Jul 16, 2012

    "They also trimmed back tree branches to make it easier to see the stop sign on the right side of the road and put reflectors on both stop signs."

    Something that needs to happen in a lot of places.

  • Marty King Jul 12, 2012

    Cary's yankee attitude is to throw more signs and laws to fix stuff rather than enforce current laws and using common sense.

  • Rebelyell Jul 11, 2012

    How about a sign warning people driving Saturns--made of mainly plastic--not to pull out in front of SUV's?

  • dev8me Jul 11, 2012

    I just drove past that intersection this morning and I didn't see anything different whatsoever....

  • OncomingStorm Jul 11, 2012

    FIne, good... but I think more of those fake cop cars would be nice as well. Photograph poster cars, inflatable cars... anything to slow folks down to 5 over or less.

  • melanie3 Jul 10, 2012

    I use that intersection all the time.. I'm sorry these folks died, but, I see nothing wrong with that intersection. You can only ask the government to do so much - I'm all for the govt doing things to help us look out for each other but you can't stop someone from driving stupid (unless you get lucky and a police officer happens to be there at that time - of course, we have to be willing to pay for police officers and since the only thing we want to pay for are tax breaks for corporations.. can't have it all)

  • mkg1047 Jul 10, 2012

    Drivers think Cary Parkway is a racetrack. Everyday I drive this route to work and am passed by several cars and I am going 48 to 50 mph. I'd like to see some speed meters in place so people are aware of how fast they are driving. Hardly ever see Cary police on Cary Parkway.

  • InTheNo Jul 10, 2012

    kikinc - Probably the easiest first step is to reduce the speed limit to 35 as soon as you get past Highway 55 traveling east on 64. Just too many interesections along that stretch for 55MPH.

  • kikinc Jul 10, 2012

    Okay, I thought you were just referencing the one that goes into Macgregor Village. The others go into the Autopark. I have never needed to use the light at Mackenan Drive, but I have gotten stuck in the gas station waiting for people to stop turning left onto Gregson Drive. I don't know for sure how long it stays green, though. I think the problem lies in the turn onto Autopark Blvd. They should do away with that intersection and force people to use the light. I was also happy to see they changed the intersection by Lake Pine Plaza so that you can no longer make a left onto 64. I saw a terrible accident there a couple months ago, and it wasn't too long they made that change. I'm surprised it took that long!