Raleigh to reduce lanes on Hillsborough traffic circle

Posted June 5, 2012

— Over the course of two years, drivers have been so confused by the two-lane traffic pattern in the traffic circle at Hillsborough Street and  Pullen Road that Raleigh has decided to pull the plug.

City and state traffic engineers will work together over the summer to reduce it to one lane, hoping to ease traffic and frustration. They expect the work to be done before North Carolina State University students return for the fall semester.

The city spent $800 in 2010 to print 2,000 pamphlets with detailed instructions on how to navigate the roundabout, which passes by the N.C. State Bell Tower. 

The Hillsborough Street junction has signs and pavement markings directing traffic, but neither option seemed to stick with drivers.


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  • Capt Mercury Jun 7, 2012

    Another example of engineers trying to be artists. Just build things that work please.

  • PickAnotherID Jun 7, 2012

    Properly constructed 'Round-Abouts' are great. The problem here is there wasn't enough space to make the lanes wide enough for 2-lanes to work properly. That's a design issue, not a driver ability one. And going to 1-lane is just going to jam everything up again during rush hour.

  • oleguy Jun 6, 2012

    Take it out and install 4 way stop signs,

  • monkeyboy Jun 6, 2012

    "People down here just have no clue how to work a traffic circle, even the 1 lanes, they dont understand its a YEILD not a stop....sad!" - pirate09

    I-95 works both ways, you know. feel free to head on back home.

  • monkeyboy Jun 6, 2012

    for those of you calling it a 'traffic circle', it ain't. a traffic circle is much bigger, hence the term 'roundabout'.

    i was against this monstrosity from the start and still am. it's never going to get better, and i'll be surprised if it's still there in 5 years. problem is, nc state wanted a picturesque street front on hillborough street(on the city of raleigh's $9 million dime). think mayberry - they did.

    by the way, guess who gets to pay to take it out? you do...

  • ajohnson2189 Jun 6, 2012

    it is a little late for those of us who have been hit in it and had their car totalled through no fault of our own.

  • Bendal1 Jun 6, 2012

    The reduction of lanes on Hillsborough Street was deliberate; NCSU and city planners wanted that route to become "another Franklin Street", devoted to shops catering to students and making it more pedestrian friendly. I drive that section of road every week and it's now a traffic-choked, slow moving route that used to bring traffic into downtown Raleigh from the west.

    The issues with the 2 lane roundabout can be handled by removing the inner lane and reducing the approach lanes to just one at the roundabout itself. A one lane roundabout can handle 21,000 vehicles per day without backing up, and just one lane will eliminate the "OMG which lane do I use" reaction some drivers have.

  • odarkshineo Jun 6, 2012

    who could have seen that coming...what a waste of money.

  • Wendellcatlover Jun 6, 2012's kind of scary that people who can't navigate a traffic circle are driving in Raleigh. I hope they're not driving around me or my daughters!

  • pirate09 Jun 6, 2012

    Wow....are people really that dumb they cannot navigate a 2 lane traffic circle? I have used it at least 100 times and I have never had a problem moving through it or getting where I need to go. People down here just have no clue how to work a traffic circle, even the 1 lanes, they dont understand its a YEILD not a stop....sad!