Cary cracks down on speeding

Posted March 13, 2012

— Cary police on Tuesday cracked down on speeding along one of the town's major roads in an effort to educate drivers and change bad habits.

Officers operated radar guns for eight hours along the 12-mile Cary Parkway as part of Operation Reducing Aggressive Driving and Recklessness, or RADAR.

Police issued more than 60 speeding tickets. The speed limit is 45 mph, and police clocked speeds up to 66 mph.

Police said they receive numerous complaints about speeders and that the crackdown is an effort to make the roads safer for other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

"This one-day enforcement blitz isn't about ticketing. It's about educating drivers and improving the safety of all of us who use the road," Lt. Tracey Barker said.

Cary police target speeding Cary police target speeding

Last month, a young couple died in a car crash on Cary Parkway after their car was struck by a driver going about 67 mph.

"That was a very tragic situation," Barker said.

With RADAR, Cary police hope to prevent another fatal accident and encourage drivers to slow down.

In 2011, Cary police issued 3,801 speeding tickets, including 206 on or near Cary Parkway.


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  • rbnstep Mar 14, 2012

    I am ashamed to say that I have made a habit of speeding on Cary Parkway for years now. I have a zippy little car that is fun to drive and tend to drive about 60mph on my way to work and home each day, frustrated by the slower drivers. After that horrible accident, where 2 people died i past that intersection one morning and the shame hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw the flowers and recalled the pictures of those 2 young people ... and I believe they left a young child behind.... Speeding endangers others and it is a horrible selfish act. I drive slower now and not just on Cary Parkway and not just because I don't want a ticket, but because I finally get it.

  • fayncmike Mar 14, 2012

    Also this will blow over in a week or so anyway.

  • fayncmike Mar 14, 2012

    "I always say "go ahead and pass me, your speeding ticket is waiting for you"

    Yes but are you in the right hand lane where you belong or are you poking along in the passing lane tying up trafrfic and delaying everyone else?

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Mar 14, 2012

    How can you expect people to honor the "slower traffic keep right" law when you don't honor the speed limit law?

    The saying, “No honor among thieves” seems to be the lesson here.

  • IzzMad2016 Mar 14, 2012

    I could tell that yesterday's announced crackdown had a very positive impact on drivers around town. On my way home last night and on my way to work this morning it was obvious that nearly everyone was paying much closer attention to the posted speed limits. Good job CPD! Good job!!

  • overthink Mar 14, 2012

    First, they need to do this statewide! Second, they need to up the fine amount to national average levels! (NC is still pretty low on the list).
    Crumps is right - it amazes me how many fail to use turn signals (NCGS 20-154 summed up: Turn signals are NOT optional!)

    Third: This state needs a "Zipper-Merge" Law like many others! Every traffic backup I deal with on my commute to and from work is most directly related to people failing to merge, causing a ripple effect.

    And the first initial onset of incoming funds should pay for temporary traffic court judges to reduce the number of tickets thrown out (one county in NC reported that 41% of all citations are dismissed due to the courts not having enough traffic court judges to handle them). A few simple laws, and not only could NC offset their budget issues, but end up with a surplus in the short term, and safer roads in the long term.

    And on a side note: Most vehicles get optimum mileage between 57 and 62 mph when maintaining a consist

  • simplelogic Mar 14, 2012

    It always astonishes me how some folks seem to think that the person in front of them should risk a speeding ticket for the sake of the obnoxious stranger behind them. I want a bumper sticker that says "the closer you get, the slower I go"...

  • conservatism lives Mar 14, 2012

    First of all, most of you are mad the PD wasn't doing more to prevent the fatal accident (can't be everywhere at the same time). Yet when they are out there doing their JOB, you whine and complain that they arent fighting "real crime". You do realize that most crime can not be prevented right?? You can't have it both ways....sad that most of you attack the PD when you have no clue what goes on. Do police officers tell you how to do your jobs? Didn't think so...

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 14, 2012

    A lot of people patting themselves on the back on this thread about what good drivers they are. How many of you use your turn signals? I'm betting most of you slow pokes don't. Nothing irks me more than seeing a brand new car whose turn signals don't seem to work! They auto industry was bailed out to save the jobs of those that install turn signals, so show some respect for those UAW members and use the blinkers they worked so hard to install. You wouldn't buy a car without blinkers, would you?

  • SARCASTICLES Mar 13, 2012

    Also, any driver seen in a non-beige car was ticketed for aesthetics violations and flogged....this kind of stuff should be nipped in the bud before it leads to dancing. ;)