Feds give NC initial OK to charge tolls on I-95

Posted February 17, 2012

— The Federal Highway Administration has given North Carolina conditional approval to begin collecting tolls along Interstate 95 to pay for improvements to the highway.

North Carolina is one of three states to participate in a pilot project allowing tolling on existing interstates. The states still need to complete standard highway environmental and permitting processes and submit a tolling plan to the federal government that includes pricing and a schedule of improvements along their interstates.

"NCDOT has taken a data-driven and conscientious approach to the repair, enhancement and expansion of I-95,” Transportation Secretary Gene Conti said in a statement. “We are pleased to be moving forward in securing new funding to help us make I-95 a 21st century interstate.”

The state Department of Transportation commissioned a $6.4 million study in 2009 to determine how to upgrade I-95. The study, which was submitted to state officials last month, found it necessary to raise bridges, rebuild others, improve interchanges, bring the interstate up to current safety standards and widen the highway from beginning to end.

The study recommended tolling the 182-mile stretch of I-95 in North Carolina to pay for the improvements. According to the study, driving the entire length of the interstate in North Carolina would cost drivers about $19.20.

The DOT is now holding public hearings to gather public input on the study.


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  • Hubris Feb 20, 2012

    . . . And our quality of life in America keeps on spiralling downward.

  • babedan Feb 20, 2012

    Next will be the state of NC will require us to pay .50 a mile for every mile we drive. That on top of the gas tax, and license fees and other taxes they charge.
    For those wanting a rail system, Your fools. Why should I drive 15 minutes to get to a pick up point take a 45 minute ride to get to RTP from Holly Spring, including stops, take a bus to where I work, when I can drive there in 30 minutes. Another boondoggle for taking money out of our pockets. If you want a rail system, move to NY or DC then you can have all the rail system you want. Leave this area alone.

  • babedan Feb 20, 2012

    fed, we pay for the upkeep on 95 every day with the federal hwy taxes we pay on gasoline. But like North Carolina, there are those in power who use the money for handouts instead of what it was intended for. If the state tolls the roads, then more of our tax dollars can go to those who seek something for nothing and you and I the tax payer gets stuck with their bills.

  • babedan Feb 20, 2012

    Does anyone think the state made this request after their meeting with the people. No way, this request was made many months ago, because it takes that long to get through the red tape in Washington. The state knew the answer before they held the meeting. Another bunch of lies from Beverly and her corrupt cronies.

  • federalsales2 Feb 20, 2012

    Most of the travelling on I95 are passing thru at 80 MPH and have really damage the road bad over the years,,so somebody has to pay if you ride on it then pay up or take the side roads.

  • spalmer2 Feb 20, 2012

    Why doesn't the state of NC set I95 up as a toll road but give residents of NC a pass so that it is toll free for them but those who use the road from out of state have to pay the toll. There are MANY people (migraters/snow birds)that use I95 to travel from the Northeast to Florida on a regular basis. This way it would not put a financial burden on the residents of NC who relay on the road to get to & from work, but would let those that are passing through the state help to pay for the repairs that are needed on your road.

  • swimfreak19 Feb 20, 2012

    Great...there is no way this road gets adequately upgraded otherwise.

  • dixoncc Feb 20, 2012

    This is exactly the reason I left the state in 1985 and have not looked back since. Why is that instead of cutting spending they always raise taxes..It's crazy what the average joe has to pay in North Carolina. Income/cars/personal property/city tags..and the list goes on and on. This is exactly why I would never even consider moving Home again..really sad!!!

  • goozleboy Feb 20, 2012

    @ "I will be glad when they tax everything so much that everyone quits paying, soon we will have no more money to give."

    We can then offer lead q-tips for cleaning the fuzz out between their thieving ears. LOL

  • superman Feb 20, 2012

    People with a house full of children should be required to pay their "fair share" of taxes. Instead people with children pay less and drain the budget. The more children you have--the less taxes you pay. You certainly right our tax system needs to be overhauled and the people who use services should pay for them. There is nothing wrong with a toll road. If you dont use it--it wont cost you a "dime". Now if they do education the same way-that would be awsome.