NC 42 expansion to bring relief to Clayton commuters

Posted January 19, 2012

— Help is on the way for frustrated commuters in Clayton. After years of planning, N.C. Highway 42 is in line for a big widening project.

The state Department of Transportation is preparing to widen N.C. 42 from U.S. Highway 70 to just past Glen Laurel Road. The $6.9 million project will go to bid in March, and construction should begin in May.

Town Manager Steve Biggs says four lanes will help, but he wishes the project was bigger.

“We really want to see (N.C.) 42 four-laned all the way to Buffalo Road, because all the way out to Buffalo, there's a lot of traffic and a lot of development,” he said.

N.C. Highway 42 in Clayton NC 42 in Clayton gets an upgrade

DOT officials say they want to widen the highway to Buffalo Road, but the money isn't there yet.

Clayton Fire Chief Lee Barbee says he hopes the widening will give his crew some relief. N.C. 42 traffic bottlenecks in front of Clayton Fire Station No. 2 at rush hour, making it difficult for his fire crew to get equipment on the road during an emergency.

“If they're already backed up and committed, you've got to give them time to give you space to get an apparatus in or out,” Barbee said.

Another big project is moving ahead in Clayton. The town is planning to extend Front Street to N.C. 42. It would give drivers another east-west route into downtown. Construction on the $1.6 million project should begin later this year.


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  • krijam1812 Jan 25, 2012

    To really help commuters on 42,They need to build a 42 bypass around Clayton and Cleveland.

  • luv2dance Jan 25, 2012

    Any plans for widening 42 WEST??? The area of 42 West from I-40 to the Clayton Bypass is a nightmare most days during "rush hour." Yes, ALL of 42 needs to be widened. The reason building wider roads doesn't relieve traffic for long is that they wait so long to make improvements. By the time they get around to widening the roads, we need even more lanes or alternate routes. It seems the state has no idea how to plan for growth. Or is it just that things get so tied up in governmental committees and processes that it takes forever to get anything done?

  • FromClayton Jan 20, 2012

    my second thought was oh s that's the road I live off of! I thought they would have been working on 42 west. That needs 4 lane from clayton to 40. I'm not saying 42 east doesnt need it, just seems like 42 west needs it more. Oh well. I'll deal if it helps in the long run.

  • FromClayton Jan 20, 2012

    Be sure to block off the far left lane with orange traffic barrels after all the money is spent to add the extra lane...
    January 19, 2012 5:24 p.m.

    Sadly, that was my very first thought as well....

  • adot Jan 20, 2012

    All of 42 needs to be widened

  • Rolling Along Jan 19, 2012

    building wider roads doesn't relieve traffic for very long..

  • itsnews2me Jan 19, 2012

    Be sure to block off the far left lane with orange traffic barrels after all the money is spent to add the extra lane...

  • gman007 Jan 19, 2012

    bgcoving, hopefully they learned their lesson with I-795 that was originally the Hwy 117 bypass from Wilson to Goldsboro. It started falling apart in less than a year. At first the contractors blamed it on big rigs, but that didn't fly because there was hardly any traffic at all the first year. So then they fell back on the old, "we built it to contract specifications so it's the state contractors fault". Regardless, the taxpayers had to basically build the road twice. Got to admit tho, it was sneaky how they turned a local road into an interstate hwy to get the feds to pony up money to help get it rebuilt. I'm just guessing here, of course.

  • rdmdur2770 Jan 19, 2012

    Tolls! Exactly what I was thinking about, Offshore!

  • bru333 Jan 19, 2012

    7 million for 2 miles and 1.6 million for 1/2 a mile of Front Street. That is just mind numbing.--wcco

    I just checked the NCDOT web site, the rest of the project, Glen Laurel RD to Buffaloe RD, is estimated at 20 million.