Gas prices drop early holiday gift for travelers

Posted December 13, 2011

— Gas prices in Fuquay-Varina dropped this week with some places offering it for less than $3 per gallon. 

Driving through Fuquay-Varina, WRAL News found at least four gas stations below $3 per gallon with the cheapest at $2.96 per gallon at Murphy Express off of Judd Parkway on Tuesday. Murphy Express raised its price to $3.19 per gallon Tuesday afternoon. fuel tracker logo stacked Fuel Tracker: Find lowest gas prices

Drivers, like Martha Dewar, have been thrilled watching the prices drop over the past few days.

"I think it's great," Dewar said.  Gas prices dip before holidays Gas prices dip before holidays

In Fuquay-Varina, it is still hit or miss. Within a mile of gas stations offering less than $3 per gallon prices, others are still selling gas up to $3.30 per gallon. Toward Raleigh, prices are also still hovering above $3.

The North Carolina Petroleum and Convenience Marketers Association Executive Director Gary Harris said it's not unusual to see a cluster of gas stations drop prices significantly in a price war. Harris also said the volatile commodities market drives constant price fluctuation, sometimes drastically.

Driver Jennifer Baucom arrived at Murphy Express just after the price per gallon went up to $3.19, but she still considered it a good deal. 

"From last week, its 10 cents cheaper, so it tends to fluctuate on a daily basis," Baucom said. 

 The national average price per gallon on Tuesday was $3.26. In North Carolina, the average was just a penny higher.


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  • michaelclay Dec 14, 2011

    ldestefano63, I guess they can raise and lower the price because they are buying it and can sell it for what they want.

  • Screw WrAl Dec 14, 2011

    "Someone please tell me how these places are allowed to jack these prices up and down like they do "

    Because people like YOU keep filling up at any price! Now go filler up!!

  • ldestefano63 Dec 14, 2011

    Someone please tell me how these places are allowed to jack these prices up and down like they do - it used to be when they got a new delivery the price would change, I am at that location every day where that Kroger nad Murphy stations are and have actually been filling up and seen the price change and there is no delivery truck in sight - It was complete mayhem last night with people coming from everywhere for $2.98 gas and plenty were mad when it was $3.19. It takes 3 months for the price to go down 5 cents but and hour for it to shoot up 25 cents - public constantly getting screwed

  • Screw WrAl Dec 13, 2011

    "How is this possible "

    Exactly. Cause it's a scam in place to make the mindless filler uppers feel good about $3 a gallon fuel. HA, the joke's on the mindless filler uppers, but they won't be laughing next Spring. They'll be filling up at 4+ and moaning like a mule.

  • betteroff Dec 13, 2011

    How is this possible when the price of a barrel of oil has been trending upward and remaining over $100 this year? Please explain.

  • Screw WrAl Dec 13, 2011

    " The Murphy's in FV was back up to $3.19 "

    Heading straight up to $4.oo

    Enjoy and please do keep filling up America. After all, this is all your faults!

  • teachesesci Dec 13, 2011

    Well, the $2.96 gas was fun while it lasted. The Murphy's in FV was back up to $3.19 at 3:45 this afternoon. The Sheetz was still at 2.99 and swamped at that time.

  • flashsparks Dec 13, 2011

    "thank you Mr Pres for working for us regular folks."

    Yes, thank you as you fly all over the world on vacation on the taxpayer dollar (more than any other recent president), buy Michelle $5700.00 dresses, and send your kids to elite private schools. I mean, you're just like one of us.

  • ger Dec 13, 2011

    thank you Mr Pres for working for us regular folks. Obama 2012

  • lokintoplay Dec 13, 2011

    iwant to thank mayor bell in durham.Because m.m. fowler and all his b p staions in durham.where the highest prices in the state are.thanks for forcing us to spend our money in chapel hil and surrounding you can use our tax money to buy another data haul nontaxpaying citizens our wonderful city..what a joke