$5 device will reduce toll road costs

Posted October 10, 2011
Updated October 11, 2011

Drivers who plan to travel the soon-to-be completed Triangle Expressway in western Wake County can purchase a device to get a discount for every trip on the toll road. Transponders will go on sale Tuesday in Morrisville. They are also available online at

When Phase I of the toll road – a stretch of 3.4 miles between Interstate 40 at N.C. Highway 147 in Durham County south to Interstate 540 in Wake County – opens in December, vehicles with transponders will be debited approximately 15 cents per mile as they pass underneath toll readers. A transponder is linked to a credit card, and drivers receive a monthly statement.

For vehicles without a transponder, roadside cameras will snap pictures of their license plates as they pass, and the Turnpike Authority will send them a bill in the mail at a rate of 23 to 24 cents a mile. People who ignore the bill will have a hold placed on their annual vehicle registration.

When the first phase of the road opens, the existing portion of N.C. 540 between N.C. Highways 54 and 55 will also be converted to a toll road.

The 12.6-mile Western Wake Freeway should open in 2012 between N.C. 55 in Cary and N.C. 55 in Holly Springs.

NCQuickPass transponders will also work on the E-Z Pass system in the Northeast and on toll roads in Florida.


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  • Tax Man Oct 20, 2011

    Or, how about the tolls only being in effect during rush hour so those of us who want to travel to Apex to see relatives can go "toll free" on evenings and weekends? What is the date they expect the roads to be fully paid for and the tolls to end?

  • Tax Man Oct 20, 2011

    NO TOLLS NC - These should be only for NON RESIDENTS. We already paid our high taxes for these roads and we are not going to pay any more! We have special plates for those who need to drive these roads but are not willing to pay the tolls.

  • julesm Oct 20, 2011

    Looking forward to it, we need more roads with the influx of new citizens. I'm from New England were toll roads are all over, I always avoid them b/c the cost is so high there plus the traffic issues. I would still prefer paying for a toll road that will get me to RDU in 15 minutes and looking forward to less traffic on 40 & 1 now. Now, how about some high-speed trains too?

  • JandJ Oct 11, 2011 either get to pay 15 cents per mile and have the road now or have no road for 30 years (when they estimate there would be money to pay for it flat out). At least this way the road is paid for by the people using it. And remember, no one is REQUIRING you to drive on it. Feel free to take an alternative route.

  • Nobody but Carolina Oct 11, 2011

    Well, I live in Wendell and I don't use 540 often, but when I do, it's the northern part. It's nice to be part of that "elitist group" for once.

  • ncguy Oct 10, 2011

    ignore the basic fact that if you clock in and out of the toll road at a higher than posted speed, you'll also be getting a traffic ticket.

    excellent point- with the transponders they will calculate your speed and send you an extra bill ot better yet automatically deduct the fine from your credit card before even being heard by a traffic judge.

  • ncguy Oct 10, 2011

    The north eastern states thought this would fix the money problem.

    How did that work for them?
    It didn't.

    Bev and her cronies will just divy up the money and give it to entitlement recipients for votes and kickbacks for political allies.

  • quaten Oct 10, 2011

    I hereby christen that stretch of road:

    The High-Dollar Highway

  • quaten Oct 10, 2011

    Just Great. Another monthly expense to take food from my family's mouth. Whose brilliant idea was this anyway?

  • Tax Man Oct 10, 2011

    I am hoping all the rich folks will pay the tolls and use these roads - then us regular folks will have less traffic on our free roads. Also, since they are taking money for road use by tolls we should reduce the gas tax accordingly and all pay less at the pump! Also all these business folks will deduct the tolls from their taxes and pay less income tax to NC. I will not pay to park and will not pay to drive on a public road! But those of you who want this, go for it.