Raleigh looks to improve Capital Boulevard

Posted September 29, 2011

— Residents got a chance to give feedback Thursday evening on possible improvements to Capital Boulevard in Raleigh.

During an open house at Meymandi Concert Hall, the city updated residents on the Capital Boulevard Corridor Study and accepted public comment. 

The city is looking to improve the area of Capital Boulevard from downtown to Interstate 440.

"It doesn't really look like it, but this is the north side of main Raleigh. It's important to Raleigh," said Lloyd Price, owner of Raleigh Auto on Capital Boulevard.

City planners have been gathering ideas for the past year on how to improve the area. Leaders say now is the time to capitalize because of plans for a local rail and a line that would run to Washington D.C.

The changes would make the area more attractive.  

"It would create a whole new environment for investment," Raleigh Deputy Planning Director Ken Bowers said. 

A large part of the city's plan focuses on adding a trail from Crabtree Creek to downtown, and  creating parks. Planners said the green area would help attract businesses. 

"Any type of business would be good. It would be good for this area," Price said. 

Price said Capital Boulevard has been a great place for his company.

"It's a good business area," Price said. 

Jackie Craig, who founded The Green Chair, said the area has become a hub for nonprofits like hers. 

"You just have these great nonprofits that are doing great work for the community. What a great way to welcome folks as they come into the city to ride through this nonprofit corridor," Craig said. 

Capital Boulevard improvements reviewed Capital Boulevard improvements coming

Plans could also include creating a parallel system of roads to take the local traffic off the Capital Boulevard.

The information gathered at Thursday's open house will be used to create a set of recommendations on improvements for the City Council.


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  • autoparkinc Sep 30, 2011

    No, Capital Inn is not closed, but it needs to be. Then torn down and something built in its place. A gas station would be nice since there is only one between downtown and 440 and it is so busy you can't get in half the time.

  • Nancy Sep 30, 2011

    How about you use OLD technology of timing the lights to the speed limit, get one green, maintain the speed limit and you find you get all of the lights green.

    Sheesh, it's not rocket science and the technology has been around forever.

  • klink Sep 30, 2011

    Anyone who would walk a trail in that area has a death wish. Ridiculous.

  • Scaramouche Sep 30, 2011

    they aren't talking about traffic, poodaddy. Try reading the story again.

  • PanthersFan45 Sep 30, 2011

    The re-surfacing of capital boulevard heading north looks good so far and the traffic lights have been synchronized to better keep the flow moving. That's primarily north of the beltline though, the closer to downtown you get there is a stretch of an older rundown looking area. To me it's not a real eye sore but it could use an upgrade. Like a few pointed out it's going to take some money to accomplish this.

  • pooodaddy Sep 30, 2011

    Up to 440? Who's smoking what?
    The traffic problem doesn't start until North of 440. Just because there aren't any businesses in the area they want to "improve" doesn't mean the road needs fixing!

  • Scaramouche Sep 30, 2011

    yes, buick, because the gentry are so much more knowledgeable about how to run a city. *rolls eyes*

  • CherryPicker Sep 30, 2011

    The road needs to be widened North of 540 all the way up to 98 at a minimum. The state needs to stop wasting tax payers money on things they think is important but the local gentry does not.

  • Scaramouche Sep 30, 2011

    autoparkinc, isn't the Capitol Inn closed?

  • Scaramouche Sep 30, 2011

    wyoming: I used to live not far off CBlvd, N ot the beltlint, and enjoy the three years I was there very much.

    ncguy: So did I, and I know what you mean. Had RPD vice call me at home one morning, I worked the audit shift, and was politely informed that 80% of the drugs in N. raleigh were delt out of my hotel. I told him "I've been trying to tell y'all that for 2 years now."