Stay on top of the I-40/440 rebuilding project, shown below in orange. Click on a red video camera to view near-live video along the 11.5-mile project. Each clip is updated every four minutes.

Traffic - I-40 and S. Saunders St. Traffic - I-40 and S. Saunders St.

Latest Update

Work continues in the Fortify zone in southeast Raleigh, and warmer weather has allowed crews from Granite Construction to close in on finishing the Interstate 440 section of the massive project.

The work to rebuild I-440 between the Interstate 40 split and U.S. Highway 64/264 is complete, save a top layer of smooth asphalt that serves as a finishing touch, state Department of Transportation officials said Friday.

Crews are also working to complete repaving work on I-440 East in the same stretch. DOT spokesman Steve Abbott said they hope to have the rebuilt portion of I-440 completely open within a few weeks.

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