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Traffic stands still after truck overturns, catches fire on U.S. 1

Posted March 19, 2012
Updated March 20, 2012

— A tractor-trailer that overturned and caught fire on the median of U.S. Highway 1 caused major traffic backups near Apex Monday night, authorities said.

The wreck happened near the New Hill-Holleman Road exit around 6:45 p.m. No injuries were reported.

Many cars got stuck between the guardrail and concrete barriers for about two hours. With barely enough room for police cars to squeeze through, drivers cut off their engines and stepped out onto the road.

"Things happen. It's an accident. All we can do is wait it out," said driver Kimberley Jones.

Jorge Arriagada said he had his children in the car and was very grateful for his iPhone.

traffic standstill on US 1 Drivers trapped behind U.S. 1 truck wreck

"Just trying to keep them entertained (with) electronics," he said with a laugh.

Rescue crews eventually cleared a path to let trapped drivers through. For hours, all traffic was detoured off U.S. 1 onto N.C. Highway 55. 


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  • Chatham Rebel Mar 20, 2012

    I just love how people like piloterror and localyokal have nothing other to discuss than the way a story is written and how if it inconveniences you it's a crime. Yes I sat in the jam for about an hour and a half last night. I waited, yes engine "cut" off until they let traffic start to move. Did I get upset, mad, furious...no. "ACCIDENTS" happen, that's what it is...an accident. I drove myself for thirteen years and I can tell you on your best days it's a real challenge and kiddos to peppercorns and tarheel5 for saying it better than I could have. These guys and women are professionals and should be given the benefit of the doubt in a situation like this. I'm just glad he or anyone else wasn't hurt in the accident.

  • tarheels5 Mar 20, 2012

    Please remember that Truck drivers are people and without them AMERICA stops . At some point everything you eat, your clothes, your house etc.....a truck brought it. Yes in every job we have the good and the bad. Please just don't assume the bad without any facts. I just hope and pray that this driver is alright.

  • peppercorns Mar 20, 2012

    hey localYokel...bet you are one of those who dart in front of semi's and other large trucks. You drive in their blind spots and ride on their bumpers. You leave them no room to change lanes. Then you complain when their is an accident saying it was criminal? maybe someone cut in front of them and to avoid killing them he pulled the wheel and jack-knifed. Maybe a tire blew. Maybe he cut some tires running over one of the countless ladders seen lying on the road by people to lame to properly secure them. Who knows!!

  • Pseudonym Mar 20, 2012

    Localyokel needs to look the word "accident" up in the dictionary.

  • LocalYokel Mar 20, 2012

    Just to be clear. Its an accident when you put salt in your coffee instead of sugar. It's criminal behavior to drive a vehicle badly, endanger the lives, damage property of others, and sever a major transportation route.

  • Granpaa Mar 20, 2012

    A serious event and piloterror1 complains abot "cutting" of the engines instead of "turning" off the engines. We here from the South are fine with our expressions. Sorry for you that "youse guys" aren't.

  • michaelclay Mar 20, 2012

    "So??? Is the truck driver alright???" The artical states that there were "NO INJURIES".

  • piloterror1 Mar 20, 2012

    minor detail. but the drivers "cut" off their engines.

  • brassy Mar 20, 2012

    "So??? Is the truck driver alright???"

    That's what "no injuries" means.

  • vineyard jewel Mar 20, 2012

    So??? Is the truck driver alright???