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Tractor-trailer smashes through I-95 median

Posted March 30, 2011

— A tractor-trailer smashed through the median and ended up on the opposite side of Interstate 95 in Benson early Wednesday, state troopers said.

Pedro Amaya-Garcia, 36, of Virginia, was going north on I-95, near the juncture with Interstate 40, when his truck went through the guardrail and across the southbound lanes, troopers said. The tractor-trailer ran off the shoulder, jack-knifed and struck several trees.

Amaya-Garcia was OK, troopers said. He was charged with reckless driving.

Troopers said the truck was hauling dozens of large rolls of newspaper print. It was headed to Virginia.


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  • CestLaVie Mar 30, 2011

    kingfather: I'd say that more of road problems involving tractor-trailers stem from 4-wheelers not obeying speed limits, dallying in the left lane instead of passing & getting on down the road & moving to the right lane, driving without head & tail lights on in rain & other inclement weather, cutting too close in front of these trucks after passing, and tailgating so close to the trucks that they cannot be seen by truck drivers. There's a lot of stupidity out there on the road; truckers have to put up with it constantly.

    There are truckers who tailgate 4-wheelers & speed & probably are an accident waiting to happen, but there are mostly more truckers who obey the rules of the road & do a good job of maintaining their huge presence amongst us.

  • bngexpress Mar 30, 2011

    inquiring minds want to know , how about his i-9.

  • BEACH Mar 30, 2011

    Wonder how much driving experience he had driving , probably not much

  • callmegorgeous Mar 30, 2011


  • ReaderABC Mar 30, 2011

    kingfather....max allowed weight for big trucks is 80,000lbs. It has nothing to do with speed. The majority of trucks are typically governed around 67mph. These are the fleet trucks, while independent drivers will run more. Fleet trucks have speed limited to help reduce insurance costs, and help control fuel costs. Regardless of speed stopping a 80,000lb vehicle is going to take considerable more distance that your little 4 wheeler that you drive to work every day. Just remember that the next time you quickly pull in front of one and hit the breaks. These drivers deliver EVERYTHING that you buy/use, from clothes & food, to the gas in your car! If automobile drivers gave them the respect they deserve a lot of accidents would be avoided. Too many times the trucker gets the bad rap for an accident that they couldn't avoid 'cause some little vehicle stopped short in front of them!

  • Glass Half Full Mar 30, 2011

    Must have been north of the I-40 interchange or happened after I came through this morning. Glad no other vehicles were involved and no injuries.

  • kingfather Mar 30, 2011

    That's a great example of why these large trucks need to slow down,and the speed limits enforced strictly for them. They are just too dangerous and they go too fast and tailgate you if you're not going fast enough for them,even in the right-hand lane