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Tractor-trailer slows down traffic on I-95 in Robeson County

Posted March 31, 2013

A tractor-trailer wreck on Interstate 95 in Robeson County caused traffic congestion near U.S. Highway 301 for several hours Sunday afternoon.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol, which is still investigating, said the wreck happened around 11:30 a.m. but that there were no reported injuries.

Stop-and-go conditions in the area, however, caused several other minor wrecks as well.


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  • lmsmarketingsolutions Apr 1, 2013

    This article is incorrect on a couple of points - 1st - as one comment already pointed out - traffic wasn't SLOWED - it was at a stand still for over an hour. 2nd - how in the world can you report there were no injuries - I was 3 cars behind the truck when it happened - he left the road at about 70 MPH knocked down several trees before hitting a tree that wouldn't give. NUMEROUS people saw the severity of the crash and immediately stopped and ran to his aid. Having seen it first hand you cannot possibly report there were no injuries.

  • RadioDJ Apr 1, 2013

    I don't use interstates to go anywhere. I try to use FAST roadways.

  • jmbridge Apr 1, 2013

    I also crawled through this accident yesterday; at noon traffic completely stopped for 2 hours. I was roughly 4 miles from the accident.

  • Big Guy Apr 1, 2013

    The accident occurred near mile marker 31,close to the St Pauls exit.

  • piloterror1 Apr 1, 2013

    easter weekend, slow traffic. wow. what a story.

  • Bnk1024 Apr 1, 2013

    We were in this traffic yesterday. We were going 20-30mph depending in the stretch you were on and was backed up for more than 20 miles. On top of that there were a few accidents along the way bc people were in a hurry and not paying attention. I hope the driver is ok, the cab of the truck was wrapped around a tree and didn't even look like a cab if a truck. Praying for the driver!

  • samuellahr Apr 1, 2013

    Traffic was slow and at a stand still at 2:30 pm and also close to 7 pm as well. Plus, how did the driver escape? The truck went through the guardrails and then hit some trees.

  • twoods7 Apr 1, 2013

    I sat in traffic for 90+ minutes before the traffic even started moving! WRAL needs to tweak the title of this article; traffic was not slowed down, it was at a stand still.