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Tractor trailer rolls into car, convenience store

Posted April 12, 2012

— The driver of a tractor trailer forgot to set his parking brake while stopping at a Travel Stop off I-95 near Dunn. When he entered the store to buy a drink the truck rolled into a parked car and then hit the building.

No one was injured. The driver was charged with failure to set his parking brake.

Although at least $20,000 worth of damage was done to the store, the damage will be boarded up and it will remain open.


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  • dehowell2 Apr 13, 2012

    He must have REALLY needed that drink; glad no one was hurt. Just seems a shame that all he gets is a ticket and someone else has to pay the $20,000 for his negligence

  • dsalter Apr 13, 2012

    It can happen. It's a matter of pulling a couple of valves to lock the tractor and trailer brakes. Some like to leave them idling and forget to do that.

  • excalibur810 Apr 13, 2012

    wellll, i have been driving trucks for a little over 30 years, both straight trucks and tractor trailers...and while i have never NOT set my brakes...i have, especially when i first started driving done some pretty dumb things...i think it's called "being human"...it's pretty common, unless you think you can walk on water...scubagirl...you are dead on the money...we have sooooo many perfect drivers here, i am constantly amazed at how many accidents i see on a daily basis...and again you are right...he won't forget again....

  • iknowmyschnitzel Apr 13, 2012

    "Did I do that?"

  • 007KnightRider Apr 13, 2012

    "How's my driving? Call........".

    It sucks!

  • Shine -On Apr 13, 2012

    Engaging the brakes to a truck driver is almost involuntary lke blinking or "did I unplug the coffee pot and lock the door?" He could have been distracted by a telephone call..... After enlarging the pix - must have been more than cosmetic damage to the building to = $20 grand.

  • Scubagirl Apr 13, 2012

    oh boy, now all the PERFECT drivers, who NEVER make mistakes will come out and bash the driver.

    Bet he doesn't forget a 2nd time.

  • commonsensical Apr 13, 2012

    Oh yes, professional drivers are perfect, all of the time. They never make mistakes.

  • seankelly15 Apr 13, 2012

    But, he is a "professional driver"; he couldn't possibly have made a mistake. The parked car cut him off and he was forced to hit the building. Right ......?