Promise Tracker: McCrory largely coming through

Posted January 4, 2016

Gov. Pat McCrory launches his re-election campaign during a Dec. 2, 2015, rally in Kernersville.

— At the beginning of Gov. Pat McCrory's term in 2013, @NCCapitol launched its promise tracker in an effort to see if campaign pledges would translate into government action.

The answer has largely been yes.

PROMISE TRACKER Pat McCrory Promise Tracker Of the 33 specific campaign pledges we identified, McCrory has fully followed through on 23 of them. We gave him mixed marks on three items – meaning he missed the letter of the pledge but not the spirit – and he broke two specific campaign pledges.

Here are some of the most recent changes to our tracker:

  • We have given McCrory full marks for his pledges to keep a governor's office open in Charlotte and to maintain North Carolina's right-to-work status. While those technically won't be fully complete until the end of his first term, McCrory shows no signs of backing off of either.
  • Legislative action this year, brought about in part by recommendations by McCrory's administration, followed through on a pledge to eliminate obsolete boards and commissions.
  • The administration has dispatched high-level officials, including the governor, overseas to recruit businesses.

As the 2016 campaign season begins, that leaves us with five 2012 campaign pledges from McCrory that we're still monitoring that cover a hodgepodge of subjects.

For example, McCrory's plans to open North Carolina to natural gas production through fracking have been slowed not for any lack of trying – the governor continues to be a vocal proponent of energy exploration – but by a court fight over who can appoint members to the board that will oversee drilling.

The state has still not sold land originally purchased for a deep-water port that McCrory blasted during his 2012 campaign. In addition, a pledge to bring about more testing for ninth-graders seems to have fizzled. As well, we're keeping an eye on how well pledges of transparency hold up.

What's next?

The reporters for WRAL's @NCCapitol will continue to monitor McCrory's remaining promises throughout 2016 and make a final tally at the end of his term.

Sometime after the March 15 primary, we'll be asking you for help in building our next gubernatorial promise tracker. We'll be compiling a list of pledges and plans offered by the Republican and Democratic nominees for the state's highest job, and we'll give you a way to nominate promises from the contenders.

After the November general election, we'll turn the list you help us build into a new tracker for whoever takes the oath of office in 2017.


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  • ecu4me2 Jan 8, 2016

    Why not front page material....

  • msmith2087 Jan 5, 2016

    McCroy has joined NC CCA to destroy the Commercial Fisheries Industry of NC. Jobs and Economy of all Coastal Eastern Counties will had major loss in Economy. McCroy appointed 5 of 9 members on Marine Fisheries that support CCA. Only 3 Marine Fisheries members represent Commercial Fisheries. NO SCIENCE Data PROVIDED TO JUSTIFY regulations!

  • Carl Keehn Jan 4, 2016
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    You continue to fail to accept that the Republicans had control of the state since the 2010 election. It was under a Republican generated budget, that the 2013 report would have been influenced.

    You also don't address that the unemployment figures in North Carolina have been relatively stagnant when other areas and the US overall, are continuing to show improvement.

  • Fanny Chmelar Jan 4, 2016
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    The repeal of the medical expense deduction, the small business tax credit, and the earned income tax credit meant that We the People took a hit. This tax code left people making less money and corporations keeping more money.

    I'm all for reducing spending, getting people off assistance and into jobs, and letting labor band together to fight for more rights at work - mostly a working wage. This administration is hitting at some of them, and fighting others. But when you follow the money, it's not coming to the people. Income is down, taxes are up.

  • Dirk Snedly Jan 4, 2016
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    WRAL tried to engage in a political lynching but the governor told the truth. Now WRAL doesn't know what to do with the noose it made.

    Funny, they never felt the impulse to have a "Truth Tracker" when their fellow Democrats ran the shows in Raleigh. Jim Black, Bev Perdue, Marc Basnight, et al, would have caused the "Truth Tracker" to burst into flames.

  • Kyle Clarkson Jan 4, 2016
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    Still no raises for state employees. I was hoping McCrory would lift the salary freeze.

  • Seth Roberts Jan 4, 2016
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    Despite all this good news, I suspect Roy "Cowboy" Cooper will be the next Gov of this state.

  • Tom Boswell Jan 4, 2016
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    Bbefore McCrory, we had a 2.5 billion dollar deficit. At the time it was the countries fifth largest. Our employment rate was 9.5% and ranked us a laughing stock 47th. Our overall tax burden rated us the 7th highest in the country according to the Tax Foundations web site. Our teachers were paid at a rate of the 46th highest. We owed the federal Government 2.5 billion in unemployment benefits. Fast forward to Republican control in just 2 1/2 years, we have paid off the 2.5 billion, our tax burden has fallen to 34th highest, our unemployment has dropped to 5.8% which ranks us 35th. The drop of 3.7% since McCrory took office represents the second largest drop in the country. We now have a 445 million dollar surplus. Teachers just received one of their largest raises in history. According to the Gallup job creation index we were ranked 43rd in 2013 based on the Democrats 2012 policies. In one year under Republican control we are now ranked 30th.