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Toddler left on school bus

Posted February 17, 2010

School Bus

— A Person County Schools bus driver and monitor are suspended with pay after a 3-year-old boy was left on a bus for hours Tuesday.

The child, who attended Earl Bradsher Preschool, was strapped in a car seat. He was found cold, but unharmed, Tuesday afternoon.

The child was a student at the county preschool program, which provides transportation for students who qualify.

Person County School Superintendent Doctor Larry Cartner said the investigation is ongoing.



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  • Nancy Feb 18, 2010

    "but aren't bus drivers required to walk through their bus before leaving for the night to ensure that it is absolutely empty???"/Rev

    Yes, absolutely the driver is responsible. The driver is supposed to walk through the bus before exiting to make sure no child is still on the bus. It's a post trip inspection. Not to mention, cleaning the bus (picking up things left behind or sweeping trash etc), closing windows and so forth.

  • james27613 Feb 18, 2010


    Another outrage, here in Wake County, if my daughter(s) don't show up at school I am not notified in the morning, they leave
    a recorded message on my phone later in the day.

    With child abductions all over the country why is this done?

  • wildcat Feb 18, 2010

    This was not a responsible driver.

  • wildcat Feb 18, 2010

    The driver should be fired immediately. He should have checked the bus, which he apparently did not do. There is not excuse for what he done.

  • Adelinthe Feb 18, 2010


    How exactly does something like this happen? I can understand the child may have fallen asleep and been quiet, but aren't bus drivers required to walk through their bus before leaving for the night to ensure that it is absolutely empty???

    God bless.


  • Ajay F.S. Feb 18, 2010

    PCS INVESTIGATION UPDATE — Officials with Person County Schools have said the Earl Bradsher Preschool bus driver and monitor responsible for leaving a three-year-old strapped in a car seat on the bus during the school day Tuesday, are no longer employed with PCS. We'll have more on the investigation and the PCS rules, ...which were already in place to attempt to avoid such incidents, in Saturday's edition.


  • ConcernedNCC Feb 18, 2010

    When are the people going to start suspending WITHOUT pay?

  • Scubagirl Feb 18, 2010

    "if the investagation results in their dismissals."

    Here's your investigation.....they were in charge of the bus, the child was left on it! End of story.

  • Scubagirl Feb 18, 2010

    how many times does this have to happen until something more permanent is done to prevent it. One person forgetting/missing the child, while still horribly wrong, I can almost see-BUT TWO!!!! wt f were they doing that they could BOTH FORGET!!!????

  • Ajay F.S. Feb 18, 2010

    I don't know if the child was special needs or not. When I considered sending my son to one of the county programs, a child could qualify in different ways. My son qualified, but I think it was only because he would not talk to the people testing him, because he is not considered special needs in anyway (he is 17 now). My nephews are in a county-run program in Orange County, and I know they are NOT special needs.

    Anyway, here is a bit more information: