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Toddler hit by car at Sharpsburg apartment complex

Posted May 3, 2009

— A 1-year-old child was injured Sunday after being hit by a car backing out of a parking spot at an apartment complex Saturday evening, Sharpsburg Police Chief B.C. Bissette said.

Moses Blount told police that he was backing out a parking spot in Pine Grove Apartments, off East Main Street, when he saw several people yelling and running towards him, Bissette said. When he got of his car, Blount told police, he found that he had accidentally run over the child.

Officers found a large crowd had gathered in the parking lot when they arrived at 6:30 p.m. Bissette said a resident of the apartment complex assaulted Blount.

The child, whose name was withheld, was airlifted to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville. The child was released from the hospital on Sunday after receiving five stitches to his left ear.

The case remains under investigation. Bissette said that investigators will consult with the District Attorney's Office before filing any charges.


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  • Im all 4 JUSTICE May 4, 2009

    ohh ya and child endangerment should be filed against the parent{s} and assult charges on the person who assulted the driver.

  • Im all 4 JUSTICE May 4, 2009

    Accidents do happen.... But remember people a child of any age has no buissness roaming around the complex without a adult supervision right beside them at all times... Yes when a child or anyone of any age gets run over by accident we all feel a sense of anger and everyone wants to blame the person behind the wheel. But in this case the man saw people running towards his vehicle so that means the child was out walking around hy him or herself and was hit by a vehicle backing up. Then someone assults the man, why would you assult the man, because no one was caring for this 1 year old child.... get a grip on your child and if you need parenting classes sign up for them.. again this is a child and a 1yr old at that... Thank God for your blessings..... I thanks God that the child is okay....

  • iron fist May 4, 2009

    My original post never got posted. I will try again. The parents are to blame, I try not to lay blame on parents but to let a small child play in the street is irresponsible. They are the one who should be assaulted not the driver.

  • furburg May 4, 2009

    Question is where was the parent(s)? I find no fault with the driver with a child that small if he was directly behind the car you would never see him, I think child neglence charges should be filed against the Parent(s).