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Cary toddler falls four stories to the ground

Posted February 20, 2014
Updated February 21, 2014

— A 22-month-old girl was hospitalized after falling from a fourth floor window in Cary Thursday afternoon.

The incident happened at around 4:30 p.m. at the Phillip Swift Creek Apartments on Maroubra Loop.

"When I heard the screaming, all I could think of was the worst, so I was glad to see she was crying when I got there and wiggling around like a hurt two-year-old would do," said Kassy Shoemaker, who witnessed the incident.

The toddler was conscious and alert with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators said the incident was an accident and charges will not be filed.


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  • Pepe Silvia Feb 26, 2014

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    Absolutely, there is no such thing as an accident and there is just such an overabundance of safe foster homes for children to be placed in, and taking children away from the only family they know isn't traumatizing at all. Besides... social workers are overpaid & under-worked anyway. *eyeroll*

  • pirategrad1202 Feb 21, 2014

    If you watch the video attached to the story they show the actual apartment which is on the 4th floor. They also show the window with the screen pushed out.

  • Sandra Elizabeth Feb 21, 2014
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    I rented a townhouse that had the windows that could open from the top or the bottom.

    Any parent knows, kids are fast, resourceful and are always surprising your with things you didn't think they could do yet. Had my share of accidents and scares from my kids.

    glad the child is going to be OK

  • rmsmith Feb 21, 2014

    Take a look at the photo. That is a 3 story building, not four !

  • shawn36003 Feb 21, 2014

    Folks...you can be standing right there with your child and an accident can happen. Praise the Lord that she was NOT hurt and is doing well.

  • Hope Lives Feb 21, 2014
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    Most apartments I have ever lived in have screens on the windows that don't open. So either the screen was loose and the toddler pushed on it until it came out of the frame or the person who lived there removed the screen on their own. If the first scenario is the case, then it was a terrible accident and no one should face any charges. If the second scenario is the case, then the parent could get charged with neglect or something, but this does not warrant social services taking the child away! GEEZ!!!! Glad that wasn't what happened when I fell down a flight of marble stairs as a toddler because one of my brothers or sisters didn't close the baby gate all the way and I pushed open! These things just happen sometimes and are unfortunate, but it doesn't mean that the family is all around neglectful and abusive!

  • Kelly Birdsall Feb 21, 2014
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    @ reformed liberal...i agree. I too am rolling my eyes. Anytime sometime like this happens you always get the perfect backseat driver parents wound up & then they start going on & on about how this could "never" happen to them! Thank goodness the baby was ok & i can promise you that mom will never let that happen again. I am sure she feels awful if it was even the mom. Could've been the dad or a grandparent or a babysitter. Judge not people & for God's sake the baby does not need to be taken away!

  • rougemontredneck Feb 21, 2014

    How does this happen?

  • Mannin Black Feb 21, 2014
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    Just rolling my eyes over that comment.

  • rmsmith Feb 21, 2014

    God was watching after this little kid.