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Toddler dies after Cumberland County wreck

Posted January 1, 2009

— A 2-year-old boy died on Thursday from injuries sustained during a New Year's Eve car wreck, Cape Fear Valley Medical Center officials said.

Derrick Lamar McBryde was injured in the wreck on N.C. Highway 87 near Blossom Road. He was in a car seat in the backseat of a vehicle traveling slowly on Highway 87 north when a second car rear-ended it. The collision knocked both cars to into the median, officials said.

The impact of the crash sent the child's seat into the front seat of the car.

Derrick’s mother, Renee Evans, was the driver of the first vehicle. She and two other passengers, including the boy's grandfather, were taken to Cape Fear Valley for treatment. No information was available about their conditions.

The driver of the second vehicle, Robin Johnson, was also transported to Cape Fear Valley for treatment of non life-threatening injuries. She was the only person in that vehicle.

Charges are pending, officials said.


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  • Willows Sassy Britches Jan 2, 2009

    if youre having car trouble , GET OFF THE ROAD

  • scheriza Jan 2, 2009

    My heart goes out to both families...May God give you all the strength and peace you need to face each day...things happen that we sometimes don't understand or that don't seem fair.. I am praying for everyone May God Bless you all...And remember CALL UPON THE LORD FOR HIS IS YOUR STRENGTH...Isaiah 41:10
    Don't you be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be dismayed for I am your God.I will strengthen you.Yes I will help you.Yes I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteous hand.

  • teacher-mom Jan 2, 2009

    I know this is a terrible accident, and my prayers go to all the families and loved ones. I just want to say that it has been my observation that people travelling too slowly often cause accidents. I have heard the driver of the first car pulled in front of the SUV driver. I hope this is not the case. If it is, I hope someone who saw the accident comes forward. I have seen people stopped in the road. I have an old car, but if I have problems, I get off the road. I am sorry for these people and hope the truth comes out.

  • 2beachy4u Jan 2, 2009

    The whole story seems like it is not being told on this because from my understanding, the car pulled out in front of the SUV so she had no choice but to hit them. I also agree with you all about the car seat not being installed properly. My heart goes out to this family who lost this child but my heart also goes out to the other family. I sure hope she doesn't get screwed if the other person was at fault.

  • wife-of-a-concrete-man Jan 2, 2009

    " Why were they driving "slow" and how slow? "

    IDC- i believe they were having car trouble, that's why it was traveling slow...

    prayers to this family

  • Willows Sassy Britches Jan 2, 2009

    the car seat was not installed properpy if it went flying. the suv driver was probably doing the speed limit and couldnt stop in time. I wonder how slow she was going,. gibson ive seen that too and its horrifying. my hubby sits on our kids seats when installing them to pull them as tight as he can, then our neighbor who is a police officer checks them for us even though we know they are put in right, we have them checked

  • twistedoaks Jan 2, 2009

    The crash site was shortly after a hill with little visibility ahead. It's so hard to react in a situation like that - it's a natural assumption that the car in front of you is at a traveling speed, so reaction time isn't that great.

    That said, there were no brake marks in the road at all and the way the car was damaged made it appear that the SUV was going at least the speed limit on impact. It's hard to see how the SUV driver is completely at fault here, but I bet she gets charged.

  • LibertarianTechie Jan 2, 2009

    How slow is slow? The driver of the second vehicle is going to get screwed on this; state law is if you rear-end someone, you are automatically the cause of the accident. From what I've read, it seems as if the driver of the first car is the cause of the accident because she was driving slowly.

  • twistedoaks Jan 2, 2009

    We came by this accident seconds after it happened. The rear of the disabled car was completely flat and the back seat was destroyed. I said at the time that if anyone was in the back seat, it would be a miracle they survived. I am so sorry for the loss of the child. I have been praying ever since we saw it.

  • rybail Jan 2, 2009

    Not for anything and yes, this is horrible that a child died...but if his carseat went into the front seat, it was not secured properly. I am not passing judgement, just stating a fact. Thoughts and prayers to the family for their loss.