Today @NCCapitol: With one deal done, another blows up

Posted August 1, 2014

NC Legislative Building

— Good morning and welcome to Today @NCCapitol for Friday, Aug. 1. Here's what's going at the state legislature. 

SENATE DONE: Senators have completed their work for the summer after voting to approve a $21.1 billion budget late Thursday and in the wee hours of Friday morning. 

However, their departure does not come without controversy. 

Rep. Ruth Samuelson speaks about coal ash Coal ash bill delayed until November Members of the House and the Senate have failed to come to an agreement on coal ash legislation. Senior members of both chambers have said that coming to an agreement on a measure that would dictate how Duke Energy handled 33 coal ash ponds at 14 locations throughout the state was a top priority, but a last-minute snag left the chambers divided and that key piece of work unfinished until November. 

NO SINE DIE: When the House wraps up work this week, lawmakers' summer session will be over, but their work won't be done for the year. 

An adjournment resolution approved by the Senate would see the chambers return on Aug. 14 to override any vetoes by Gov. Pat McCrory. Lawmakers would then leave town until after the November general election, when they would take up the stalled coal ash bill as well as a Medicaid reform package. 

HOUSE VOTES: The House is scheduled to come into session at 10 a.m. Friday. House members are expected to vote on the budget and other remaining bills Friday and at some point on Saturday. After the House finishes work on Saturday, it, too, will be finished for the summer.

MORE @NCCAPITOL: For more on the overnight action at the General Assembly, including the revival of legislation that would hem in the ability of counties to raise sales taxes and expand several economic development programs, please see the @NCCapitol blog on WRAL.com. 

PROGRAM NOTES: This will be the last Today @NCCapitol posting for the summer. Reporters Laura Leslie and Mark Binker will catch you up on Friday's action from the legislature on a special Friday night edition of The Wrap in the evening.


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  • WRAL_USER Aug 1, 2014

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    Speaking only truth...

  • ncck Aug 1, 2014

    Love how they vote just after midnight. That way they pay themselves for another day of expenses. If the vote were taken at 11:5 pm, they could have added a few thousand dollars to teacher pay, help for poor people, etc.

  • Come On_Seriously Aug 1, 2014

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    The Dems would love to try and fix it even though this whole budget mess is a fabrication solely of the GOP. They aren't allowed to do anything by the majority party, they have all amendments and motions ignored and 'tabled' by the GOP leadership under arcane rules (done more times than the Dems have done over the past 10 years combined), nor has their caucus received any of the GA funding, as the Dems have done for Reps all the years they were in charge.

    They've been cut out of the process because the Reps are afraid they will do something that makes sense to the people and demonstrate the incompetence of the GOP.

    And no need to try to restart the tired ole 'the Dems did it all first' line because it is blatantly not true. The Reps have never been cut out of the democratic process the way the Dems have been by the hegemony of the GOP.

  • heelhawk Aug 1, 2014

    The GOP controlled GA takes away teacher longevity pay and gives them some of it back while telling them it is a raise. They slash program spending for those who need it. And fail to protect our environment..... I think I like the Do Nothing Congress more than the "destroy the state" general assembly.

  • dirtydozen431 Aug 1, 2014

    The Democrats caused it so let them fix it. They are doing nothing else.