Today @NCCapitol (March 12): McCrory talks MetLife, lawmakers get ready to listen on voter ID

Posted March 12, 2013

— Good morning and welcome to Today @NCCapitol for Monday, March 11. This is WRAL's roundup of what you need to know about North Carolina state government this morning.

VOTER ID: Citizens who want to sign up to speak at today's public hearing on voter ID will be able to do so at the meeting, House Elections co-chair Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, announced Monday night. Lewis said the fifty slots available on the online signup page had filled up quickly. He said staff will be available at the door of 643 Legislative Office Building at 3pm Tuesday to sign up additional speakers on a first come, first served basis.

Lewis said the meeting is expected to run from 4pm until 9pm, or until all members of the public who wish to speak have been heard. Room 544 LOB will also be available for overflow if the crowd is too large for 643, Lewis said. WRAL.com will carry the meeting live online. Check the Video Central box on our home page.

Tuesday's meeting is the first of two public hearings on voter ID this week. The second, to be held during a House Elections Committee meeting on Wednesday, will features experts both opposed to and in favor of requiring a picture ID in order to vote. 

The Wrap @NCCapitol (March 11) The Wrap @NCCapitol (March 11) THE WRAP: Capitol Bureau Chief Laura Leslie reviews Monday's state government news and previews the coming day at the legislature in Monday's edition of The Wrap @NCCapitol.

SENATE TODAY: At 2 p.m., the state Senate will take up a bill take control of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport away from the City of Charlotte and put it in the hands of a regional authority. That move is highly controversial in the Charlotte area and reflects a number of recent moves by lawmakers to shift public assets away from city-control into the hands of regional authorities. 

HOUSE TODAY: The House goes into session at 1 p.m. On their agenda, a final vote on a bill to curb local building code inspections, a bill order the Department of Education to set standards for Internet access in public schools, and a measure increasing the penalties for child abuse by a parent or guardian. 

COMMITTEES TODAY: For a complete listing of today's legislative committees, see the main @NCCapitol page. Among the highlights:

Senate Agriculture (11am - LB 544) The committee will hear a bill that would forbid state and local governments to adopt regulations designed to cub the emission of greenhouse gases.  WRAL.com will carry this meeting live online. Check the Video Central box on our home page.

House Transportation (Noon, LB 643) The committee will take up a bill to abolish helmet requirement for motorcyclists over 18 years old. WRAL.com will carry this meeting live online. Check the Video Central box on our home page. 

METLIFE: Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday that he played little role in a deal to attract insurance giant MetLife to North Carolina in exchange for more than $90 million in state incentives.

Gov. Pat McCrory McCrory discusses MetLife incentives "My first direct involvement with the company was a day or two before the announcement where I called the CEO...we had a probably 10-to-15 minute conversation," McCrory said. 

While he was running for governor, McCrory worked for the law firm Moore and Van Allen, a company hired by MetLife to negotiate the incentive package. Last week, McCrory dodged questions about whether he knew about the pending deal when he worked in client development for the firm. Asked the same question Monday, he said, "No, not all – was not aware of it." 

It's not clear when MetLife hired Moore & Van Allen, but the company began discussing a move to North Carolina about nine months ago – while McCrory was still employed by the law firm.

"My commerce secretary led that recruitment effort," the governor said Monday.

ENERGY: McCrory spoke to reporters after announcing a deal to create an eco-industrial park in Mecklenburg County. A key component of that park will be renewable energy manufacturing. 

Lawmakers are considering whether to renew or cancel a program that require power companies such as Duke Energy, another former McCrory employer, to buy or produce a certain share of their electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind. Asked whether he favored keeping the requirement for renewable energy, McCrory said he was still studying the issue. 

"I'm discussing that with both my energy policy advisers and my DENR secretary to figure out a plan – do we expand it and if so, how long do we expand it," McCrory said. "I think it's very important for us to send a message to existing and new potential investors exactly what our long-term plan is."

McCrory said that review would include determining what types of renewable energy provide "the best return on investment and how long does that subsidy need to go." He added that it was "a big decision on our plate."

ROAD TRIP: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and state Transportation Secretary Tony Tata are getting a taste of the tenuous travel for residents of the Outer Banks as the main highway is often closed by waves and sand, the Associated Press reports.

UNC: In a panel discussion Monday about public records, Dick Baddour, former UNC director of athletics, and Jon Sasser, attorney for former UNC football coach Butch Davis, joined journalists and other lawyers in laying out their takes on the news media's investigation of the Tar Heel football program. 

Dick Baddour, former AD at UNC Sunshine Day: Public records and UNC The former AD stood by the university's decision to stall and resist when asked for records including phone calls to and from Davis and student-athlete parking tickets. He said UNC leaders were committed to perfect compliance with the NCAA investigation, and that forced them to remain silent on some issues.

UNC AGENTS:  An investigation into sports agents by the North Carolina Secretary of State found that a Georgia man sent cash to then-University of North Carolina football player Marvin Austin and other student-athletes nationwide, as well as tutor Jennifer Wiley.

FILED: Rep. John Blust, R-Guilford, and three other Republican lawmakers filed Taxpayer Bill of Rights legislation Monday. The measure, if approved by voters, would add an amendment to the constitution that limits the growth of government to a calculation involving inflation and population growth. 


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  • junkmail5 Mar 13, 2013

    So a just a little bit of fraud is OK as long as you get what YOU want?- Crumps Br0ther

    Your solution does -nothing- about ANY of the fraud you have shown examples of.

    Therefore your solution is useless.

    As, apparently, is nay attempt to get you to understand that.

    For some bizarre reason you keep pushing a useless, and expensive, solution that doesn't solve a single problem you have actually shown an example of.

    You'd make a perfect politician!

    If you ever have any solutions that WOULD address the ACTUAL fraud that exists, by all means let us know.

    But voter ID isn't one of them since -0- of the fraud you have given real life examples of would have been prevented by it.

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 13, 2013

    Despite his best efforts to oversimplify it and lump all fraud together

    Plenty Coups

    So a just a little bit of fraud is OK as long as you get what YOU want? I think Im starting to understand now. Libs only follow laws they agree with and then try to change the definition of illegal.

  • Plenty Coups Mar 12, 2013

    "Why do you favor dumb ideas that waste money and don't fix anything?(Hint: because other people do! is not a valid answer)"

    Despite his best efforts to oversimplify it and lump all fraud together, its clear he has no answer other than because my side wants it. Clearly they don't have evidence or care about wasting tax dollars.

  • junkmail5 Mar 12, 2013

    So youre saying its not "fraud, fraud" got it- Crumps Brother

    No, I'm saying it's not an example that your solution would do anything about.

    Because it isn't.

    Why do you keep pushing an idea that doesn't fix the problem?

    Instead it only fixes an imaginary one that doesn't exist, but still wastes money.

    That's the idea you're in favor of.

    Why do you favor dumb ideas that waste money and don't fix anything?

    (Hint: because other people do! is not a valid answer)

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 12, 2013

    You can always have it repealed when you get back in power. Tee hee! Im sure you will be more than glad to waste the money to do that, fair is fair right?

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 12, 2013

    The only fraud anyone can ever show is mail based or someone voting twice in their OWN NAME….which would a ID stop again? Sorry, but asking to DEFEND YOUR CLAIM does not seem unreasonable.

    so according to you, since it isn't fraud fraud you dont see a problem.

    Ill remember that, "yes officer I only robbed him a little bit, I didnt "rob rob" him so no crime was really committed.

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 12, 2013

    but when we ask for proof that exists, we ONLY get examples that voter ID would not have prevented.


    So youre saying its not "fraud, fraud" got it. Just like Whoopi Goldber and her opinion on the Roman Polanksi case.

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 12, 2013

    Which seems accurate since you keep insisting voter ID is needed but can't show a single fraud example it would have helped with.

    its gonna pass,the majority of people are for it. Suck it up and find another crusade.

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 12, 2013

    ALL poor people are just lazy and deserve nothing?

    No, but there needs to be some oversight, you know as well as I do there are plenty of people gaming the system and its needs to be stopped. You guys are all about some fairness when it comes to taking care of people, you need to tighten it up and get the ones that can work put some skin in the game. But you dont seem to care about the one taking advantage of the system becasue they vote for your guys too. Voting is not a job.

  • junkmail5 Mar 12, 2013

    I mean _congress_ was spending over a trillion in deficit spending each yr _but less each of the last couple, and well under a trillion this year_ but they want to whine about million_s of dollars PER STATE for an idea that accomplishes exactly nothing_ lol.. pathetic

    I fixed that for you, since if you had read the US Constitution you'd be aware that only congress has the power to spend money.

    And I'd again remind you "We are wasting money on many dumb ideas... so I think we should waste even more on a new dumb idea" is a terrible argument.

    if it's the only you you've got then you should probably give up your idea as indefensible and find a new one.