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Today is Joy it Forward Day on the Smart Shopper blog!

Posted December 21, 2012


A sweet story that one of our blog readers posted yesterday is the inspiration for our first annual Joy It Forward Day taking place TODAY!

Sarah posted yesterday on the blog about a very kind and generous pay-it-forward act her husband and child witnessed. She wrote:

"My husband just came back from the Food Lion on Durant. I sent him to drop off our Toys for Tots donations. He said he saw a woman pay for the entire grocery bill for an older couple (over $140). He said it looked like the man was a disabled veteran. The wife was so happy that she started crying. My girls and I have been doing one random act of kindness every day this month, but this inspired me to really step it up! I thought I'd share because I hope it makes everyone else as happy as it made me!"

Isn't that amazing?!

So that's the inspiration for our first Joy It Forward Day here on the blog.

My thought is that if everyone who reads this post offers just one act of kindness, one pay-it-forward moment to someone else, think of all the joy we can share today!

Are you in?

I know some of you would prefer to do your act of kindness anonymously, but there are many of us who would love to hear how you have brought joy to someone else today, so please share.

And who knows - your kind act may just inspire other acts of kindness and that may inspire even more wonderful gestures and so on and so on........

During a week of great national sorrow, let's spread some joy and hope, one person at a time.



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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Dec 22, 2012

    Sarah - that is an AWESOME list of things you and the girls are going to do today!! What a wonderful example you are setting for them. I hope you have a great time!

    mt1190 - playing coupon fairy is so sweet! And so was your cart gift to the gentleman at Aldi. :-)

  • mt1190 Dec 22, 2012

    I gave coupons to a lady in front of me ... I always tend to scan the cart in front of me and then my coupon book I also played coupon fairy. At an Aldis in Raleigh I gave an older man a cart and told him Merry Christmas as he tried to give me a quarter.

  • sarahoconnor Dec 22, 2012

    I'm so glad that my sharing the story of the nice person at Food Lion has inspired you all! I have told as many people as I can. We weren't able to do any "grand" gestures yesterday, but today we have quite a list. We are taking cat food to the animal shelter, doughnuts to the fire station, warm drinks to all the Salvation Army bell ringers we can find, and we are going to pay for someone's lunch at a restaurant. We are so excited! The girls (4,4, and 7) have also added "hug a community helper, give Christmas cards to strangers and hold the doors for strangers". We have a busy day ahead of us. :)

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Dec 21, 2012

    Thanks for the info papadsgirls!

    That's a sweet story, larindap. :-)

  • papadsgirls Dec 21, 2012

    there is actually a facebook page called pay it forward central NC. We have been meeting needs such as clothing, toys, food, heaters and more! We dont ask for money and if you have something you don't/ cant use we find homes for it!

  • larindap3 Dec 21, 2012

    I know that some people don't think much of social media (facebook) but one of my school counsler friends put out the word that she had a family w/three kids that needed some help or they would not have anything for christmas. They had not asked for help until the very last. I got in contact with her, went out Tuesday night and bought a toy and set of clothes for each child. I took them to her Wednesday. She was so excited/thankful. She said five other folks had decided to help too. She wasn't sure if facebook was the best way to get the word out, but seeing how she did not mention the people's name, it was still confidential. Knowing our kids were getting most everything on their lists, we were so glad to help.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Dec 21, 2012

    jpittard - that was such a nice gesture you did for that couple at the movies! My condolences regarding the loss of both of your parents this year. I am sure this will be a tough Christmas for you. The holidays are still very difficult without my mom but each year we bake some of her favorite dishes and it helps to keep her close in our hearts.

    jdoulgas - what a sweet gesture! Have a safe trip home!

    Diane - that's a great link. I'll add it to the post above so others can find it easily. Thank you!

    Thanks again for everyone posting their joy it forward gestures. From helping the divorced mom, leaving coupons for others, sewing warm gear and donating to the Salvation Army Kettle - they are all wonderful ways to spread the joy!

  • jdouglas13 Dec 21, 2012

    I was actually the recipient of an amazing act of kindness. My
    DW and I decided 22 years ago that we would always be together for holidays. My parents in Massachusetts are both elderly, in frail health, and to top it off, Christmas day is my mother's 80th birthday. Much as we wanted to be able to get up there for the holidays, it just wasn't in the budget for both of us to go and to board our dogs. My beloved wife gave me the most generous, selfless gift -- a plane ticket to visit my parents over the holidays. This may very well be either or both of my parents' last Christmas, so this gift means more to me than I can ever say. To me, this was the ultimate act of kindness. :)

  • shelllauren Dec 21, 2012

    Several awesome friends of mine and I became aware of a recently divorced mom of a 4 year old autistic child who is really struggling financially and we all chipped in and bought Christmas presents for the mom and daughter as well as some cash ($300.00) and gift cards ($200.00)she was ecstatic and soooo friends are the best on the planet!

  • Nancy Dec 21, 2012

    jpittard - that is a wonderful thing you did and isn't it amazing how much more you get out of it than they do?! I did that at a drive through during the aftermath of Hurricane Fran ('96) when a Raleigh police officer was ahead of me in line - I told the person who took my order to not accept payment from the officer, add it to my bill but don't tell him. Felt so good, knowing those officers were working so many extra hours dealing with our area without power, traffic lights not working and all the road blockages etc.

    Love stories like that jpittard - I'm sure your opportunity will present itself again somewhere soon :)