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Tired After the Fair? Hitch a Ride on a Rickshaw

Posted October 23, 2013

Mitchell Adams is in his second year of shuttling tired fairgoers to their cars.

As both my feet and my Fitbit tell me, there is a lot of walking involved at the Fair. So it's no wonder after you leave the bright lights and the excitement that you find yourself pretty worn out as you head to the parking lot. Depending by what gate you leave, you may find yourself with some help in the form of a rickshaw that'll give you a lift to your car.

Mitchell Adams of Crank Arm Rickshaw was one of the four rickshaws waiting by Gate 8 recently. (A variety of companies are represented, not just Crank Arm.) It's his second year shuttling people from the gate to their cars. "It's great," he said. "You can stay pretty busy depending on the time of night. There's a lot going on."

Crank Arm Rickshaw usually works downtown and on a tip basis, and that's pretty much how it works for getting a ride to your car. Three people can generally fit on the seat.

If you thought the only rides were on the midway, keep your eyes out for a rickshaw on your way out of the Fair. Putting your feet up for a few minutes is a great way to end a fun day!


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