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Time Your Planting Well!

Posted December 19, 2013

Planning on getting your Houston landscaping going early this year? Better hold up, because there is such a thing as planting too early, for, as as we know, "plant early, plant often." If you get crops in the ground too soon, the seeds and seedlings may mold or be killed by frost, but if you wait too long, they'll bolt in summer, or be killed in the winter when they're finally mature.

Make sure you know your climate well, read up on weather predictions, and be prepared to institute some basic weather preparation measures. Consider starting indoors or in a greenhouse to get seedlings ready to go while it's still frosty out, and have coldframe or other cold weather protection in place in case of an unexpectedly late frost. Read your seed packets carefully too so you can determine if you have a warm or cold weather crop, and how long it will take to mature. Garden smart, and you should minimize the risk of seedling losses!

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