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Time Warner Cable to charge monthly cable modem fee

Posted November 6, 2012

Thousands of Time Warner Cable customers are about to face a new fee.

Customers have received post cards over the past few weeks informing them that beginning on their next bill, they will see a $3.95 monthly cable modem fee.

TWC covered the costs until now, but a spokesman says that increasing expenses forced them to pass the cost on to customers – 500,000 in the Triangle alone.

The monthly fee, the company says, covers repairs, replacements and future upgrades.

The fee does not affect Signature Home Customers or those with a price-lock guarantee.

Some customers, however, are calling it a price increase in disguise, especially since it only applies to modems for Internet use.

Customers can opt out by buying their own cable modems and use a compatible modem listed on TWC's website.

Whether it's worth to buy one or pay the fee depends on the user.

With the average cost around $90, it could pay for itself in about two years.

But there are also disadvantages.

If the modem fails, TWC won't be responsible for repair or replacement. If the company upgrades its services and requires new equipment, customers would have to pay for a new modem.


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  • belablack Nov 15, 2012

    This fee wouldn't be so bad if their service was actually decent.

    TWC has a gangster business model. They know you can't get it elsewhere so they charge what they want and if you have a problem, then you have to deal with their front-line of untrained, sarcastic and clueless support. Whom of which will gladly hang-up in your face or blatantly lie just to get you off the phone. I could write a 20+ page paper on how horrible their services are, why they are so bad and why I left.

    Uverse is a breath of fresh air in comparison, and I am SO glad they are FINALLY getting some competition in the area.

  • imtiredofit Nov 14, 2012

    I also received that notice, but now I wonder if TWC is going to lower my cable bill due to the 6 channels that I won't be able to view if I do not want to pay the monthly ransom price to receive these 6 channels that are moving to the digital tier? Any lawyers out there that would like to comment?

  • superman Nov 13, 2012

    Just got a notice today that starting 12-04-12 that you will need a Digital Adapter to get about 6 selected channels. The adapter will be free but starting 1-1-2015 they going to charge .99 a month for each adapter. It states that you can order the adapter on-line but it aint so. You have to call. Guess TWC doesnt have internet.

  • jakej. Nov 12, 2012

    switching from TWC to ATT. Guess my timing was good and will be saving money as well.. had on real problems with cable.. my old DSL seemed faster than the so call 20 meg down turbo service.

  • Methuselah Nov 12, 2012

    $3.95 a month X 500,000 customers = $1,975,000 EACH MONTH in Time Warner's pocket, on top of the already inflated prices that they charge for Internet service. And does Time Warner drop this fee after they've paid the purchase price for the cable modem? No. What a rip-off!

  • justabumer Nov 12, 2012

    Not a problem. My contract with TW ends today and Century Link will soon be my provider for phone, internet and TV. There is no doubt in my mind that TW has the worst customer service on earth.

  • berob99 Nov 9, 2012

    "This is deplorable... SS is going up 1.5%.. electric 12%... and TW 10+%.. what are the seniors going to do???"

    Hey Mom120, while TWC is indeed a horrid company, cable is a luxury and not a right, so seniors or anyone else who can't afford it should make the decision to do without. As the election results from just a few nights ago indicate, there's clearly a large and growing segment of this country who believes the government owes them such things as cable tv, cell phones, health care, etc., but I for one do not. The takers in this country are now outnumbering the makers, and once they've tasted the "crack" that is free stuff, we won't be able to get them off of it. Now back to our collective point that TWC stinks.

  • tjdebord Nov 9, 2012

    Guess I got lucky on this one, at least for awhile. I have a 2-year locked in agreement. Got a pretty good package deal from TWC to drop DirecTV.

    As bad a TWC might seem to some. Cell companies are still the worst for nickel and dime-ing you to death.

  • scottofraleigh Nov 9, 2012

    get used to it it's the new norm!

  • Fiberguy Nov 9, 2012

    When I saw the postcard from TWC, I immediately purchased my own modem. The cost of a reasonable quality "approved" modem was only $55. So, my ROI is only 14 months.

    While there is a risk of equipment failure/obsolescence, I will take that risk rather than repay for a 6 year old modem that TWC amortized years ago from my payments.

    The hook up on my end was simple. As you would expect, the TWC customer service was inept and took 8 hours to get the connection up, in spite of me giving them the correct MAC address three times.