Thursday Wrap: Rules were made to be broken

Posted May 15, 2014

— Days before protests are set to resume at the Legislative Building, a moribund committee met Thursday to set new rules that govern public decorum in the building. Legislative police and staff now have more leeway to determine who is causing a disturbance – or poses a threat to do so – and should be asked to leave.

The House Finance Committee approved an omnibus tax bill that, among other provisions, caps the privilege license taxes businesses pay to cities.

State budget director Art Pope also briefed lawmakers on Gov. Pat McCrory's $21 billion budget proposal.

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  • Larry Lynch May 16, 2014
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    make NO mistake about it, the new rules passed by the politicans are designed to rob the citizens of this state their constitutional rights. gov nor mc and his "new age" HENCHMEN want to prevent the right of the people to peacefully assemble and protest. gov nor mc wants to put the tyrannical foot of HIS version of government on the neck of the people of nc. notice how it all ties in with voter id? I told you people earlier-- there is no doubt in my mind the govnor and others should be arrested at once-- this morning for treason. THIS IS NOT RUSSIA, IT IS NC AND WE THE CITIZENS ARE UNDER ATTACK FROM THE GOVERNOR, and our freedom is under the heel of the current administration. feel free to quote me.