Thursday Wrap: Get a move on

Posted May 29, 2014

— Legislation moves fast during the short session.

A bill to allow natural gas drilling made it through two House committees, two floor votes and a Senate concurrence in about 48 hours and was on its way to Gov. Pat McCrory's desk Thursday night.

Meanwhile, McCrory signed into law a series of tax changes hours after both the House and Senate gave their final approval.

The Senate rolled out its $21 billion budget plan late Wednesday and has scheduled floor votes Friday evening and early Saturday. The proposal met with some skepticism from McCrory and outright disdain from Attorney General Roy Cooper, education groups and advocates for the disabled.


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  • teleman60 May 30, 2014

    The virtual takeover of the state in 48 hrs and WHERE IS THE STORY?

    Buried in the back pages of WRAL!

    It's national news EVERYWHERE but covered like a bicycle accident in NC!

    I wonder why?

  • goldenosprey May 30, 2014

    Forced pooling - govt. forcing landowners to give up their property rights for the profit$ of out of state corporations, is the very definition of Fascism.

    Progressives, true conservatives and anyone who cares about the Constitution should be infuriated by this.

  • JoeF May 29, 2014

    North Carolinians voted for Roy Cooper as AG. Now GOP lawmakers cut his office. Why? To lessen his power? The SBI director that probes official corruption will be an appointee. That should work well--NOT! And, legislators are going to force people to allow FRACKING because they neighbors want it? So, McCrory and his cohorts will take PRIVATE PROPERTY for PRIVATE BUSINESS purposes. In other words, farmers, landowners have no rights. Suggestion: FOLLOW THE MONEY.