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Three Wilson teens charged with attempted murder

Posted October 20, 2014

From left: Nathan Poole, Jarmon Alston, Keedrom Kearney

— Three teens facing charges in connection to a shooting in Wilson are due in court Monday.

Jarmon Alston, 16, Keedron Kearney, 16, and Nathan Poole, 19, are charged with attempted first-degree murder. They were held with no bond.

Wilson police said the teens are suspects in a shooting that happened Friday at Pender Street Grocery at 402 E. Pender St. Two people were shot and taken to Vidant Medical Center.

Anyone with information is asked to call Wilson police at 252-399-2323 or Crime Stoppers at 252-243-2255.


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  • 678devilish Oct 21, 2014

    Young people of today needs to listen to their parents or whatever adult in their life. No body wants to see their teenager going to prison. Yet, teens know right from wrong. Now these three will certainly face their dire consequences.

  • I-Defy Oct 21, 2014

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    The're too busy getting their excuses and blame together for the losses in November

  • Naysayer Oct 20, 2014

    I notice the normal Libs are not commenting on this board. Guess not much for them to say on this one.

  • I-Defy Oct 20, 2014

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    There are tons of Community Activist groups( You voted for a guy who organizes them, remember?) that are set up to do just what you said. But they dont seem to work well enough, so then they start asking for money and thats when a lot of people lose interest in them

    These kid were always going to cost the taxpayer money well into adulthood

  • ohbumr Oct 20, 2014

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    barber doesn't have time for black on black crime. he's trying to put money in his pocket, not actually help anyone.

  • disgusted2010 Oct 20, 2014

    I have read all the comments asking Barber, Jackson and Sharpton why they are not worried about this BUT the real problem is the media. When Barber was holding his noise (news) conference today where were the news reporters that interrupt and ask leading, hate filled questions? Is it not PC to ask Barber questions to probe and push him for answers?

    Why can't the media ask Barber some of the questions posed herein while he is having his say without interruption? I think its pretty plain the the media in this community support Barber's agenda and think its perfectly OK for black youth to murder each other to improve their ratings and advertising hits.

  • stymieindurham Oct 20, 2014

    Anyone seen Al, Jesse, or the Barber bunch?!! This is a black community crisis that they SHOULD be addressing.

  • Thought Criminal WS Oct 20, 2014

    Being politically correct and not offending anyone is more important than speaking up in a way that alters this pattern and prevents others from following it. Most my friends growing up got into lives of crime around this age in my neighborhood and most aren't alive today (or are in prison). AA community leaders are failing thier communities by pushing a scaepgoat blame game mentality rather than making men out of these boys ALL WHILE PROFITING ON THIER BODIES.

  • Paladin2 Oct 20, 2014

    JGILCHR, of course it occurs elsewhere but not nearly to such an extreme degree. Many of these young people do not even respect each other and have no moral compass. They will rob or kill without regard of the consequences.

  • Hooty Hoot Oct 20, 2014

    Well said, Paladin. What the African American"community" needs more than anything is for responsible leaders in that community-church, business, government-to address the reckless, careless, and violent way that many African Americans live their lives. Addressing these issues would be a brave act and would not demean anything about the rich AA culture.