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Three Triangle bridges among those rated 'substandard' by AAA

Posted July 18, 2014
Updated August 6, 2014

— Three bridges in the Triangle are among the top 20 substandard bridges in North Carolina, according to a report released Friday by AAA Carolinas.

The organization’s annual list of bridges that are graded structurally deficient or functionally obsolete includes:

  • The Instate 440 bridge over State Road 3007 in Raleigh, functionally obsolete, ranked No. 6
  •  The U.S. 15/501 bridge over State Road 1308 in Durham County, structurally deficient, ranked No. 11
  • The U.S. Highway 401 bridge over Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh, structurally deficient, ranked No. 16.

A “structurally deficient” bridge along N.C. Highway 24/210 in Cumberland County also made the list at No. 14.

Structurally deficient means the bridge is in poor physical condition and has weight restrictions. Functionally obsolete means the bridge was inadequately design for its volume of traffic.

"While we've seen slight improvements in North Carolina's bridges in the last year, we still have a long way to go," Dave E. Parsons, president and CEO of AAA Carolinas, said in a statement. "We need to find more resources to fund our state's transportation infrastructure needs."

While North Carolina has spent nearly $500 million in state and federal funds to replace and repair bridges last year, it still has about 5,100 bridges rated as substandard. The average age of those bridges is 51.

Many of the bridges on the list, including the one in Durham, are scheduled for replacement. But there are no plans to replace 11 of them, including the two in Wake County.

AAA compiles the list in an effort to alert drivers and raise awareness for the need for funding. The state legislature has approved the use of about $800 million in state maintenance funds, which come from gasoline taxes, to improve bridges. The money is being spent over four years, starting in 2011.

"We're seeing the positive results of our increased investment, which in the first three years is enabling us to upgrade about 1,000 more substandard bridges," state Transportation Secretary Tony Tata said in the statement released by AAA. "This is a good step forward, and with additional revenue, we could repair and replace even more of our deficient bridges to ensure motorist safety and better connect people to jobs, education, health care and recreation."

Visit AAA online to see the complete 2014 list.


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  • razor2 Jul 18, 2014

    Most people don't realize we have some of the best roads in the nation to travel on.
    Ask any truck driver and our state always gets mentioned.... Proud to be From N.C.

  • Brian Lusk Jul 18, 2014
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    The bridges in question are NCDOT maintained roads and have nothing to do with City of Raleigh bonds measures.

  • Brian Lusk Jul 18, 2014
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    State Road lookup from NCDOT: https://apps.dot.state.nc.us/srlookup/
    Bridge maps

  • 96073464 Jul 18, 2014

    You would think WRAL would correct their typo to correctly show State Road 1308, or do they just not pay any attention to comments?

  • James Barefoot Jul 18, 2014
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    SR roads are for each county, Its possible to have the same 4 digit number several places in the state. county by county, SR roads are always 4 digits. Some lower SR numbers also cross county lines once in a while. Its a really good system, Then back in the 80,s someone decided that everyone should have an address, and county by county they started Naming the roads. Now here we are some Govt. groups use the name and some use the old SR Numbers,, A really better system HUH.

  • NCGirl16 Jul 18, 2014

    @GOPtakersSociety - because the bridges on the list are for motorized vehicle traffic - the Peace Street Bridge you refer to is for trains only.

  • Fanny Chmelar Jul 18, 2014
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    I think they just found a new reporter for WRAL! Wait - you'd screw up their track record of low-information articles pushed out as fast as possible and then amended later (sometimes).

  • archmaker Jul 18, 2014

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    the bridge isn't deficient, the truck drivers are.

  • NCGirl16 Jul 18, 2014

    @renaissancemon - It should be SR 1308 not 308. SR 1308 is Cornwallis Road.

  • NeverSurrender Jul 18, 2014

    Kind of hard to take that list seriously when the Bonner Bridge across Oregon Inlet isn't #1!