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Three transported to hospital after fight at Athens Drive High

Posted September 28, 2010

— Students at Athens Drive High School in Raleigh were forced out of some parts of the building Tuesday morning after a fight in the cafeteria.

A spokesman for Wake County schools said three students were involved in the fight, and a student resource officer released pepper spray at the time when the cafeteria was full of students.

"It was a mess and people came out coughing, running, pushing,” Athens Drive High student Kayla Thompson said.

Following the fight, police arrested and charged Travion Martin, 17, Dominique Montrel Hill, 19, and Christian Rayshad King, 17, with one count of engaging in a affray and one count of resisting, delaying or obstructing a law enforcement officer, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Approximately 15 students, who were uninvolved in the affray, complained of secondary exposure to the pepper spray and received on-scene treatment by EMS, Sughrue said. Three of the students were transported to a hospital for further observation.


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  • SmileAndNod Sep 30, 2010

    Maybe they tried to mimic the Mule Day fight, minus the stabbing of the officer.

  • braddavis Sep 30, 2010

    berealistic, not ignorant at all. I said I would like to be the statistics, that's all. And as far as "real gangbangers" on the street and "frauds" being in schools, the truth is, perception is reality. I bet in my four years of high school we only had three fights total, because when I came through(grad in 1992) if you fought you didn't get suspended, you got your rear end beat by the principal, your mom, your dad, and any other family member who wanted to. You didn't disrespect your family name by fighting in school when I was coming through.

  • berealistic Sep 29, 2010

    braddavis, please don't be so ignorant. Students of every race fight in high schools. I have seen them all. As a matter of fact, I have seen them equally. And as for these "gang" members you speak of, that's not true either. The majority of the students claiming to be "gang" members are frauds. I don't know many REAL gang bangers that would be willing to sit through 4 class periods of 90mins. Real gang bangers are out running the streets.

  • berealistic Sep 29, 2010

    As for the comments previouly directed to mine yesterday, there ARE other ways. I graduated from Athens in 2009. During my 4yrs there, I was present for at least 10 fights with HUGE crowds. Never did they use pepper spray. So yes, there are other ways. Being a student at the school, I know the routine of the fights.

  • penelope1 Sep 29, 2010

    Wow! The kids have more common sense than some of the adults on this site; regarding this situation. It was a school fight; we had fights practically everyday when I was in school. I've been in a few myself but no police were ever called. We were expelled and rightly so; these jokers need to be expelled for fighting and for wearing that blond weave.

  • oneounce2many Sep 29, 2010

    Flyincheetah, are you implying that one should stand and take multiple hits by another person, and should only defend themselves against multiple people??? would you do that??? not everyone is weak, and not everyone is going to just stand there and get jumped.

  • braddavis Sep 29, 2010

    And one more thing wakemom, I said black and hispanic, but in your response you only question black? Why is that?

  • braddavis Sep 29, 2010

    Number 1, I said mostly. Number 2, if you're offended maybe it touches home a little. Number 3, some(or most) doesn't mean all. So, no, I'm not implying anything. I'm stating an opinion, but I'm sure it statistics were supplied by the school system my opinion would have great potential for turning into fact.

  • braddavis Sep 29, 2010

    Yes, because that's exactly what I said wakemom!!!!! Of course not...... Why don't you reread it and make sure your brains are loaded before your mouth shoots off.

  • wakemom Sep 29, 2010

    adn, shouldn't you be in class? And yes, the comments are relavent. Does your school track fights, who fought, male/female, race, etc? I would love to see the stats on that, because be it right or wrong, I will place my next paycheck that the fights are mostly hispanic and black gang members. You can call me a racist or a realist, and I'm not saying that white people don't fight, because I know they do, but I would really like to see the statistics.

    are you implying that black kids that fight in school are gang members?