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Three teens escape house fire in Wake Forest

Posted August 22, 2008

— Three teenaged brothers escaped from a fire at their Wake Forest home on Friday morning.

Brandon Dooris said he smelled smoke when he woke up around 9:30 a.m. in the home at 304 Mockingbird Lane. Dooris woke up his two brothers and got them out safely, he said.

Rolesville firefighters had to knock a hole in the roof to put out the flames.

The fire marshal was investigating how the fire started. The blaze is believed to have started in a second-floor closet.


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  • dawacky Aug 22, 2008

    I'm a family member and I want to thank you all for your kind words. The report did not say that the smoke was coming from the attic access area that was in the closet. Brandon woke up to the smell of smoke. Went over and opened the closet and found smoke pouring out. Thank God he got the other kids out!
    There are five boys total and they lost just about everything. My brother had to ask the firemen to go back in to the house to find shoes to put on their barefeet.

    Thanks again for your kind words!

  • tgw Aug 22, 2008

    Hay-G-man. School does'nt start until Monday thanks to the infinite wisdom of our ALMIGHTY LEGISLATURE. They decided that tourism was more important to our state than allowing local school boards to decide when they should return to school. HUMM.
    Sounds like one lobby group ourlobbied the other group and our kids came out on the short end of that deal.

    We need to get a new legislature that thinks for the right reasons-not the reason with the most money directed at them.

  • Scarecrow Cow Aug 22, 2008

    I am so glad they got out alive, but I want to know how in the world a fire started in a closet while people were sleeping. Very weird.

  • superdad412 Aug 22, 2008

    Oh GREAT!

    Due to the ignorance of some reporter, now people think firefighters have to "knock a hole in the roof to put out the flames".

    Dear WRAL Reporters,

    If you don't know what it is we (firefighters) do and WHY we do it... just ask.

  • G-man Aug 22, 2008

    Ok, I give, mine is in school.

  • Doddlebug12 Aug 22, 2008

    G-man:Maybe I need to check since it's been a while but I figured school still started around 8:00am.

    Traditional schools don't start back until 8/25 and if they are on year round they may be tracked out

  • Dr. Dataclerk Aug 22, 2008

    I am glad they got how safe. House fires are so tragic. Pray for this family and help them.

  • G-man Aug 22, 2008

    Maybe I need to check since it's been a while but I figured school still started around 8:00am.

  • Reader Aug 22, 2008

    My teenagers would have been still sleeping, too. So glad they all got out okay!

  • rafiki Aug 22, 2008

    Whew....am glad they are fine!