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Three Pinecrest High students charged with vandalism

Posted April 21, 2010

— Three Pinecrest High School students were charged with vandalism after three letters were removed from the sign on the main administrative building that spells out the school's name.

Seniors Michael Patrick Guarente, 18, McKenzie Scott Hamilton, 17, and Connor Ralph Neville, 17, were arrested Monday after an investigation by Moore County school resource officers, said school system spokesman Tim Lussier.

The letters "P," "E" and "R" were removed in the early morning on April 10 or 11, Lussier said. The remaining large, green letters spelled out "Incest High School."

Investigators believe the students used a ladder to climb onto the school roof and then removed the letters.

Lussier said that the students confessed to the vandalism. They will be subject to disciplinary action, but the exact measures will not be made public, he said.

Assistant Principal Herb Hanson said that Pinecrest High has a tradition of and established guidelines for senior pranks, but this one went too far. In a prank earlier this year, a sign was placed in front of the school, saying that it, the students and faculty were up for sale.

The missing letters will cost $100 each to replace, Hanson said.

Approximately 2,200 students attend Pinecrest High, which is on Voit Gilmore Lane in Southern Pines.


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  • scrap0693 Apr 21, 2010

    let them pay restitution, do some community work and move on. It was rather clever and quite amusing. Kids will be kids. We all played pranks when we were in high school.

  • Desiderata Apr 21, 2010

    This one needs serious repercussions.TAN THEIR HIDES GOOD...miss graduation too!

  • devilblue Apr 21, 2010

    They didn't hurt anyone and I find it to be rather amusing and yet creative. It isn't like it offended a particular group or race. I'll bet some people didn't even know what it meant!

  • clover1019 Apr 21, 2010

    people have no sense of humor anymore! this world would be a lot better if everyone would stop pointing fingers and getting mad at stupid things. What good does bringing criminal charges on them teach? how does that replace the letters for the school? they took the letters down they can put them back up and do some chores around the school. this story shouldnt even be news. glad i got to see the pic. hahaha very clever.

  • whatevah Apr 21, 2010

    lol! too funny....KARMA!

  • Pseudonym Apr 21, 2010

    This got global attention on the Fail Blog: http://failblog.org. Look for "School Name Fail."

  • krbrown0281 Apr 21, 2010

    People always gotta complain about something. THis would be no big deal back in the day. "what if this had happened in Durham?" Well, it didn't happen in durham. It happened in southern pines. If it happened in durham, they wouldn't know what letters to take out so they would probably just rob the principle instead.

  • whatevah Apr 21, 2010

    It was just a prank right? laugh it off right? what if this had happened in Durham? what would the comments be then? just a prank?

  • mochabrown Apr 21, 2010

    Clearly, way too much time on their hands. Make them pay for the missing letters, put them back up. Do they give DETENTION anymore?

  • Capitals Fan Apr 21, 2010

    "They confessed after others turned them in. So what if they are seniors? So are thousands of other 18 year olds that do not destroy other people's property. People complain about people coming out of public schools with no sense of responsibility then complain when vandals are held responsible. If no serious punishment comes from this, what do you think next year's seniors will do to to it? If you think $300 is no big deal, why don't you write a check to the school to cover the cost?"

    This statement is 100% correct, but you know that it makes WAY to much sense for the folks on GOLO. Why hold anyone accountable for anything anymore?