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Three ejected from boat on Falls Lake

Posted August 11, 2011
Updated August 12, 2011

— Authorities say three people were hospitalized late Thursday after being ejected from a boat on Falls Lake in Raleigh. 

A North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission officer said the two men and one woman were thrown after their 19-foot ski boat ran ashore just north of the N.C. Highway 98 bridge.

All three were taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment on injuries that authorities said weren't life-threatening. Their names and ages haven't been released.

Alcohol was a factor in the crash, the wildlife officer said. No charges had been filed as of Friday afternoon, but the incident remains under investigation.

Three thrown from boat on Falls Lake Three thrown from boat on Falls Lake


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  • fayncmike Aug 12, 2011

    "Look folks, the seatbelt line, I am sure was a joke. Dont worry youself about all the dangers involved with that. There will proably also never be a law that says your PFD must be chained to the boat.

    It was a tongue in cheek joke but never underestimate our legislators ability to pass stupid laws. It wouldn't surprise me a bit to see some yahoo legislator try to pass such a law.

  • Wendellcatlover Aug 12, 2011

    I hope they'll all be ok. I imagine that was kind of scary. I don't know if this accident happened after dark or not, but if so, it's probably not a real good idea to be on the lake at or after dark. Especially with the drought and the water level being low. There are probably all kinds of stumps and trash in the lakes that are more prominent now with the lack of rain around the area. Add in alcohol and it was just an accident waiting to happen.

  • Hates This Place Aug 12, 2011

    Why judge so early on?!? For all we know alcohol may have been on board and the two passengers could have been the only ones drinking. Who cares! It was a horrible accident and they probably weren't going at an extreme speed. People forget how easily it is to be thrown from something when there aren't any restraints. AND there aren't restraints for good reason. Quit judging and pray that they will all be ok!

  • armyLT0620 Aug 12, 2011

    "...The lakes should be checked for underwater debris..."

    With what money? Are you going to volunteer to go out there and do it? Our state, local, and federal governments are so broke they can't even fund public-benefitting programs, government agenices, and the military! It would be of no use anyway. Currents will change the bottom of the lake constantly, and what is marked as safe today may be dangerous next week. Boaters should be cautious when on the water, and take simple precautions such as taking the time to find out that the lake they are on may have numerous underwater obstructions, as well as having equipment such as a depth finder. A depth finder might not tell you that you are about to hit a stump, but it certainly will let you know that you are in shallow water, and might want to slow down, be more cautious, or head back to deeper water.

  • claym325 Aug 12, 2011

    Can you please explain to me how a depth finder is going to help in the situation of a stump just under the water line? Im ppprreeettttyyyy confident by the time your depth finder says "0!"....its gonna be a little too late.

  • whocares Aug 12, 2011

    There are hidden sand bars, stumps, and other debries all over Falls Lake when the level is low. Obviously these people were not looking where they were going if they had a depth finder. Several years ago when the lake was really low, I saw some people speeding down the lake only to see the sand bar but not in time to fully stop. If you are boating at night, you should be more observant and have a clear head.

  • lawpirate is still around Aug 12, 2011

    I don't imagine you'd have to be going too fast to be ejected if you hit an object in the water. Hope they are going to be OK.

  • btneast Aug 12, 2011

    Why does everything have to be alcohol could be the factor?

    .... Well, perhaps because alcohol is usually involved in situations like this. Riding at speed at night on a lake that has a low water level that is known to have submerged obstructions.....generally it takes some level of intoxication to do dumb things that you wouldn't do sober. I speak from experience there....

  • bmcleanshag Aug 12, 2011

    Lakes should be cleared of dangerous debris before boating is allowed. Since that does not happen, dangerous parts of the lake should be marked when the water level is low. I actually used to visit someone whose house at that timec surrounded by woods, sat right in the middle of what is now Falls Lake. If a lake is not marked unsafe, boaters and swimmers should be able to assume it is safe to boat and swim. Alcohol does not need to be brought up as a factor in every boat/car accident. Plane crashes do not accuse the pilot or manufacturer of drinking. If a boat was not made to be used in the dark, why do they have running lights on them? I hope the people will be o.k. and I hope having a six pack on board for three people will not make the public say they got what they deserved. The lakes should be checked for underwater debris. When the water is low, you can see all the rocks, stumps, etc. that were not cleared before filling the lake. They should have done a better job of cl

  • btneast Aug 12, 2011

    First of all, any man-made body of water is dangerous. You will never get rid of all the underwater debris.

    .....Exactly, especially when the water level is so low. Submerged debris is hard enough to see in daylight, impossible to see at night. Sorry your friend was hurt, but it was plain stupid to riding at night at speed enough to get ejected.....and then have alcohol on board. Sometimes people don't think things through, they think bad things will never happen to them. Now whoever was driving will have liabilty issues for the passengers.