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Three correctional workers charged with assault on inmate

Posted July 1, 2009

— Two correctional officers and a former officer are accused of assaulting a Greene County inmate.

State Bureau of Investigation agents arrested Gregory Allen Beck, Terry Lynn Bell and Brian Steve Bostick on Wednesday. They were charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, according to George Dudley, with the state Department of Correction.

The charges are related to a use of force that occurred in March of last year at Maury Correctional Institution in Hookerton.

Beck resigned from his position last year. He was a captain at the time. Bell, a sergeant, and Bostick, a correctional officer, are on investigatory suspension. Formal disciplinary action against them began Wednesday.

“Our job is protecting the safety of the public and the inmates in our institutions,” Correction Secretary Alvin Keller said in a statement. “This agency has zero tolerance for employees who abuse inmates or operate outside the bounds of the law and our policies and procedures.”

The Department of Correction referred this case to the SBI for investigation last July.


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  • mmafighterwife Jul 2, 2009

    There are always two sides to every story and there is a side that the media has FAILED to even mention about this inmate and all the infractions he has had during his time at Maury Correctional. My brother and one of my best friends work there and the media left out the whole reason for the use of force. Officers and Police offices have no respect anymore, it's all about taking care of the inmate and never taken care of the people who put their life in danger everyday. NO I was not there but before anyone jumps on these men "using their badge" or acting like lunatics NEED to go just one day and work with these officers and I PROMISE you would change your attitude. Go to the doc website and read this inmates infractions, did you ever stop to think he may had a homemade weapon or another reason for them to act accordingly? I know one of the officers personally and he would never use force that was not necessary and my heart goes out to his family.

  • mebgirl1984 Jul 2, 2009

    All you Bush voters my liberalize your attitudes when Bush, Cheney, et al are locked up...(Gork)

    Who said I was a Bush voter? You have a serious problem with your assumptions, Gork.
    BTW, you still haven't backed up your inane comments about our prisons being run like a Turkish prisons. What's wrong, Gork? Your "blame everything on the system" attitude is sooo yesterday. Instead of going off on a tangent about those evil Republicans, enlighten us oh elitist one, enlighten us about the harshness of our prisons. Oops, you're bleeding again.

  • Gork Jul 2, 2009

    My heart isn't bleeding but my brain is functioning and when "officers" beat people up, that's wrong. Free access to legal resources - what's the alternative when we have someone locked up? If they're locked up they're not working and can't hire an attorney. We allow them to exercise - OMG! That is over the top isn't it?

    All you Bush voters my liberalize your attitudes when Bush, Cheney, et al are locked up...

  • mebgirl1984 Jul 2, 2009

    "Maybe inmates would respond better if we didn't run them like Turkish prisons." _(Gork)

    Umm, which century are you in, Gork? The inmates of today here in NC have: free cable tv 24/7; free access to library; free medical and dental; free meals 3 times daily; free access to exercise equipment; free access to law services; and absolutely no worries about having to pay for ANY of these taxpayer funded services. Now, in what way are the prisons of NC being run like Turkish prisons? Maybe you should take a tour of any prison here and get back to me on how they are run like their Turkish counterparts. You sound like one of these bleeding heart liberals that cry each time someone is actually put behind bars for committing a severe enough crime to warrant being locked up, so I won't expect to hear anything soon.

  • OpinionatedGuy Jul 2, 2009

    Goes with the badge... Power hungry = this makes them believe they can do what they want. All Americans are living in a police state and don't even realize it or think that it is normal... It is getting out of control...

  • SilverWolf Jul 2, 2009


    you are right...there is no room for a biased juror on any case. That is why so many innocent people get locked up for nothing.

  • Gork Jul 2, 2009

    Maybe inmates would respond better if we didn't run them like Turkish prisons.

  • superman Jul 2, 2009

    Remember that these guys in prison have no respect for the rules or the law. They do not usually respond in a positive way in prison.

  • Gork Jul 2, 2009

    ncguy - you sound like a really tough fellow...

  • ncguy Jul 2, 2009

    Mr inmate please stop that. Please don't spit on me, please don't deficate all over your cell, please don't try to headbutt me...

    We are getting way to soft in this country.

    If this inmate was doing what he was suppose to be doing this would have never happened.

    inmates only respect a superior force and they test it daily..

    They would be wise not to put me on the jury against these officers..