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Three churches sign up as vendors at Dogwood Festival

Posted April 2, 2009
Updated April 3, 2009

— Three churches will man booths at the Dogwood Festival in Fayetteville later in April, organizers said.

Last year, some people claimed that the festival discriminated against churches by not allowing them as information vendors.

At the time, organizers said they were enforcing an existing rule after getting complaints from festival attendees of churches pushing religious materials on them and from food vendors about churches giving away food and drinks.

This year's rules specify that non-profit, information vendors can only distribute information and not sell or give away beverages, food, services or goods.

Three churches applied to be vendors this year, and all three were accepted, said Carrie King, executive director of the fair. Providence Presbyterian Church and Manna Church will be information vendors, and Miracle Temple will be a food vendor.

King said that festival staff put a lot of effort into reaching out to the community for vendors, including sending applications to every person that attended a forum about churches being vendors.

The festival runs April 24-26 in various downtown Fayetteville venues.


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  • wife-of-a-concrete-man Apr 3, 2009

    @ one good dad- here ya go:

    no, not surprising of WTAL at all- heck, it's not happening in the triangle, duh! :)

  • silvfx Apr 3, 2009

    can I set up my atheist booth right next to the church booths. Lets see how you feel about my truth. The truth is religion is the cause of 90% of the world's problems, I am not just picking on Christains, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and the rest of you believers are all in the same sorry lot. Believe what you want to but keep it to yourself and out of public policy and public schools.

  • smitty Apr 3, 2009

    11th Commandment: Thou shalt not give out free cokes and ham biscuits.

  • westoflyra Apr 3, 2009

    It's great to know that freedom of speech and religion still exist

  • Jake B Apr 3, 2009

    hmmm, case and point about religion. You claim to be so religous or spiritual or what ever you prefer to be called, yet your screen name on here is judging another person. Hypocrisy at its best!!! Didnt realize that was how you gained entry to the kingdom!!!

  • One Good Dad Apr 3, 2009

    can someone tell me when it starts and where it will be held? Kind of surprising WRAL didn't put it in the story here

  • HM_Stitches Apr 3, 2009

    "Why shouldn't a church be allowed to speak the truth? "

    uhhh which truth because as far as I can see not a single religion has taken a stand and said this is what we belive in, there's always at least two sides to a religion (or factions if that do ya) one that belives you should follow the religious writings to the letter and the other ones who say...."ehhh we follow most of it but we really don't see it as rules more like guidelines."

  • cartman Apr 3, 2009

    "Why shouldn't a church be allowed to speak the truth? "

    Explain to me the "truth"? Each church and religion follows a different doctrine, so which one is the "truth"? Catholics, Methodist, Baptists, Hindus, Jews, Mormons, Muslims......each has their own "truth".

  • cartman Apr 3, 2009

    Why can't I attend an event without having people try to push their church on me? If I want to attend your church, I'll go, it's my personal decision, you shouldn't need a salespitch to have people embrace your beliefs.