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Three charged in fatal Raleigh shooting

Posted May 9, 2013
Updated May 10, 2013

— Police said Thursday that three men have been charged in a Tuesday shooting in east Raleigh that left one man dead.

John Wesley Chandler, 28, of 1339 New Hill Road, Holly Springs; Brandon Ervin Felder, 26, of 1410 Brookside Drive, Raleigh; and Tony Jaquan Davis, 23, of 2605 Stewart Drive, have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

All three were being held in the Wake County jail without bond.

Christian Tobias McLean, 25, was killed outside his home on North Peartree Lane Tuesday afternoon.

Police didn't release details about a possible motive or what evidence linked the three suspects to the crime.

Chandler was arrested Wednesday night on unrelated charges, while Felder was arrested overnight and Davis was taken into custody Thursday morning, police said.


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  • dadsgoose98 May 9, 2013

    " jesmyopinion" Just out of curiosity, What could politicians Possibly do to curb "senseless Violence"? Allow me to answer the question for you, NOTHING.Check the FBI statistics for the past 23 years and you will see that violent crime has NOT increased in any measurable way. You only hear about crimes more often because we live in a 24 hour news cycle.No politicians can EVER regulate "Bad Behavior" There has always been violent crime and there always will be. All you or anyone can do is to try to prepare yourselves. And STOP looking for the government to solve everything.

  • Just the facts mam May 9, 2013

    The problem in America in not with the guns. The problem is with the some people in America who have the guns. Politicians are not addressing the true problem with senseless violence in America.

  • Phyxius1 May 9, 2013

    @kendradad: We don't register guns in North Carolina. DukeFan23

    You are not required to do so by NC law but the one county that DOES require you to register them is Durham County. The power was granted to them by the State. Even then they are not all registered...

  • UNCRules123 May 9, 2013

    "Police didn't release details about a possible motive . . ." although all three have been charged with "conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery with a dangerous weapon."

    Maybe robbery was the motive.

  • sunshine1040 May 9, 2013

    I have heard of guns that killed an animal or person when there was no human to load and pull the trigger. So lets register people not the guns better yet make all PARENTS responsible for teaching their children right from wrong

  • xylem01 May 9, 2013

    In Raleigh you say?

  • kendradad May 9, 2013

    @kendradad: We don't register guns in North Carolina.

    I know we don't. However there are many here who want to, somehow thinking it reduce violence committed by people choosing to use guns. Just pointing out that additional gun laws/restrictions aren't the answer. I would suggest that criminal control would be a much better alternative. We don't know if that works or not, we really haven't made a significant effort to do so.

  • NoObamaCare May 9, 2013

    He has a gun tattoo on his neck...wonderful

  • DukeFan23 May 9, 2013

    I'm willing to bet that it was either drug or gang related.

  • DukeFan23 May 9, 2013

    @kendradad: We don't register guns in North Carolina.