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Three charged in East Wake High fight

Posted May 27, 2011

— A fight at East Wake High School Thursday morning led to the arrest of three students.

Arrest warrants state that Draquan Henry Evans-Robinson punched another student in the face and head numerous times and that Anthony Lashawn Maddox and Quadre Leon Pulley fought each other in the lobby while other students watched.

Evans-Robinson, 16, 7105 Ada Drive in Wendell, was charged with simple assault.

Maddox, 17, of 75 Mission Belle Lane in Zebulon, and Pulley, 18, of 1499 Smokey Mountain Drive in Zebulon, were both charged with simple affray on school grounds.

All three were released into the custody of their parents and scheduled to appear in court July 7.


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  • h3ardita11b4 May 27, 2011

    they were arrested for a fight? i'm all for zero tolerance but it was a FIST FIGHT. arresting them for a FIST FIGHT is kind of.....overreacting. i guess suspending them just made way too much sense. smh @ the foolishness.

  • NCSU2311 May 27, 2011

    I'm afraid we'll see them again because of where this happen. I hope not.
    May 27, 2011 1:32 p.m.
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    Im sure will be seeing those Smithfield alcoholics and drug abusers too. Werent you defending them? Whats the difference? Laws are laws, but then it was kids are kids. Weird.

  • Rebelyell55 May 27, 2011

    I'm afraid we'll see them again because of where this happen. I hope not.

  • edits May 27, 2011

    @crckttsgr (continued from other post) We are all one bad decision away from being felons. Hopefully this is a first offense and Wake County has a first offenders program that could possibly work towards having this expunged from their records. I really hate to see kids make bad decisions because they may not have had the advantage of someone to teach them right from wrong, to think before you speak or act of what the possible consequences might result from their speech or actions. I just think it's sad. I know all kids aren't going to have June and Ward Cleaver type of parents but I do think some parents need to try a little harder and make a little more sacrifice for the sake of their children. I'm no June Cleaver by any means. However, one of the most important and insightful things that I have learned as a parent is the most difficult thing to protect your children from is themselves. Thanks for your input, I enjoy a good conversation. I hope you have a wonderful holiday week

  • edits May 27, 2011

    @crckttsgr: I agree, I should have made myself more clear. I wasn't specifically speaking just about the three boys but kids their age in general. I have two daughters, 15 and 20, I am a single parent and have been since my oldest was 5. It just irritates me to see this type of behavior from teenagers because I managed to raise mine to be good, well behaved young ladies while working full time, and sometimes taking on an additional part time job, parenting full time and trying to find a little time for myself in there. Parenting is a HARD job and I think now, especially in households where there is only one parent or two parents who both have jobs that the actual parenting part of mom/dad relationships with their children suffers, for many reasons. I also understand that kids are going to fight, argue, have disagreements etc. but it is sad that these kids will most likely have records that stay with them for the rest of their lives...to be continued

  • crckttsgr May 27, 2011

    @edits: While I agree in concept with your post, I do think it is wrong to assume that the parents have not tried to instill proper behavior in these boys. I don't know if they have or have not, I don't know them or anything about them. However I do know that many times parents do the very best they can to raise their kids to be respectful, law abiding, productive adults and the kids still get in trouble. I'm just saying that it's not always the parents fault and we shouldn't assume that this is a case of "bad parenting". If they are good parents, I'm sure that they are indeed ashamed and embarrassed, because that is the way it makes you feel when your child gets into trouble.

  • ccs1920 May 27, 2011

    In my 12 years of attending public school I never saw or heard of students fighting. I graduated shortly before things began to change in the 60s.

  • VoiceMatters May 27, 2011

    "Breaking News!!!! Kids fight everyday, this story is just a waste of time, and did more bad than good. Way to go WRAL.."

    I disagree that this story was a waste of time, as ABM mentioned. Hopefully, this story will reach the general public (other news stations/papers), WRAL readers, the students (you know how kids gossip), the involved parents, AND the innocent students (not bystanders) and their parents who were NOT involved in the fight. They will all be aware that yes, fights happen & laws are broken, but criminal action will be taken if this continues in our school system.

  • edits May 27, 2011

    @ jbest, while I agree with your comment "I think this story is a good one. It shows that our school system will not put up with disorderly conduct. They enforce the rules and uphold the expectation that all students will learn in a safe and orderly environment."

    There should be NO REASON that the school system should have to not put up with this type of behavior. Parents need to be parents and raise their kids to not behave in this way. I'm glad that the school systems have policies in place but it is very sad that the task of raising, disciplining, counseling etc, kids has fallen on LEO's, school teachers and administrators, and other adults and parents and not kids' own parents. The parents of these boys should be ashamed of themselves, as should these boys.

  • musthavecoffee May 27, 2011

    I bet ABM was one of those who would get in fights at school. I am so glad we can now share with students that violence is the answer.