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Three arrested after fight at Raleigh lounge

Posted December 30, 2009

— Police responded to a fight at Zydeco Downtown, a jazz lounge and restaurant in downtown Raleigh, early Wednesday and arrested three people who face misdemeanor charges, according to authorities.

Police respond to fight at Raleigh club Police respond to fight at Raleigh club

Investigators said about 150 people were inside the club at 208 Wolfe St. when a fight broke out around midnight. The scuffle continued outside the club.

More than a dozen officers from three different districts responded and broke up the fight.

Zydeco owner Antwan Harris, a two-time Super Bowl champion, said he was holding an event for teenagers to discourage them from being in the streets and doing drugs. The lounge is usually open to adults only.

He provided food and music so the teens could enjoy themselves and dance, he said. Three young people got into a fight in front of police, and officers made arrests, Harris said.

There is no word on what sparked the brawl. Authorities did not release the names of the three people who were arrested.


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  • clickclackity2 Dec 30, 2009

    hey, archmaker

    I could careless how the nc government defines a nightclub. In your case, all of the restaurants that have private parties with DJs should also be considered a nightclub. However, they are not.

    Regardless, the point is/was that the earlier posters alluded to the establishment as being equivalent to the Screaming Monkey, White Collar Crime, Club Envy etc., when it is not, which caused the typical 'stereotypical' comments from typical 'stereotypical' wral viewers.

  • skidkid269 Dec 30, 2009

    Several kids were fighting in the club. Only 3 fought in front of the cops. That's what I got out of the story. What ticks me off about the story is that it's deals only with the negative side of the event. Where is the story about the club owner who had an alcohol free, drug free party to help kids? It's just a footnote in a story about 3 kids who couldn't keep there hormones or egos in check.

  • archmaker Dec 30, 2009

    sorry clickclackity, by the nc general assembly, any establishment that serves alcohol and plays amplified music (recorded or live) is a nightclub and is classified as such in the nc building code.

  • clickclackity2 Dec 30, 2009

    It's not a nightclub and unfortunately the poorly written article that was first reported was definitely one-sided and served to only ignite some of the earlier 'stereotypical' comments, as usual. However, the new, updated version with details of what actually took place is much more responsible and credible for wral.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Dec 30, 2009

    Hey, when I was in high shcool, if there was a party for 150 or so folks, from different schcols etc., and only one fight broke out, it would have been a dull party. I am not sure why this is such big news but I do wonder why so many officers ? Where there many more than 3 involved in fight but only 3 arrested?

  • kandykisses Dec 30, 2009

    LMAO@dwntwnboy and Its My Prerogative! "elected office"...I love it!!

  • archmaker Dec 30, 2009

    you all should re-read the article. its not about hats, or alcohol, or who has a job. its about at-risk teenagers at a club at midnight when they should be home with their parents (whether we're on school holiday or not). i'm sure harris meant well trying to help these kids stay off the street and do drugs, but this is almost to be expected.

  • dwntwnboy Dec 30, 2009

    "THERE ARE JUST AS MANY (if not MORE) THUGS IN SUITS AND TIES"...amen!! They just run for elected office instead of going to the clubs! LOL

  • dwntwnboy Dec 30, 2009

    "Probably out there partying and DON'T have a job......."..and you can base this on...??? The article clearly states that it is usually an adult only club that was opened to teens as an alternative to doing other things- drugs etc. My reading of that says that alcohol wouldn't have been involved and that since they are teens, they are more than likely out for holiday vacation.

  • Its My Prerogative Dec 30, 2009

    I am so surprised at some of the comments. No wonder todays children are ignorant. Just read some of the comments the adults make!!! (smh) It was a TEEN party trying to discourage negativity of the streets. THANK GOD no GUNS were involved. These 3 messed it up for the other teens that were there to truly have a good time!!! And as far the comments about the dress code.....THERE ARE JUST AS MANY (if not MORE) THUGS IN SUITS AND TIES AS THERE ARE IN JEANS, WHITE T-SHIRTS, AND BASEBALL CAPS!!!! Grow up people and stop passing judgement!!!!