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Threat With Toy Gun Lands Woman in Jail

Posted February 19, 2008

— A woman brandishing a gun threatened employees at GUC Express in Greenville Monday night, according to police reports.

Nadia Marie Bottoms, 27, of 1130 SW Greenville Blvd., was arrested nearby and is being held in the Pitt County Detention Center under $7,500 secured bond.

According to employees of the Greenville Utilities Commission, Bottoms demanded an extension on her payment and threatened to shoot "everyone in the building." After she was granted her extension, she left.

Bottoms faces charges of assualt by pointing a gun and communicating threats. According to the police report, the gun recovered upon her arrest was a toy.


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  • msudawg Feb 20, 2008

    I can't belive this woman thought she would get away with this. I guess the electric bill doesn't matter now.

  • gopanthers Feb 20, 2008

    Good way to get yourself killed by a police officer. Toy Gun and electric bill. Some cop could of shot her thinking the gun was real. This lady has issues.

  • lilwil Feb 20, 2008

    Oh my, a simple phone call probably would have been sufficient.

  • Adelinthe Feb 20, 2008

    My 70+ year old aunt was held by airport security guards and taken to a private room to have her luggage searched. She was so shocked when they came up to her and grabbed her by each arm - but having a good sense of humor, she just laughed it off when t turned out her 5-year old grandson had tucked some toy soldiers and a toy gun into her luggage. Of course, they threw the gun away. LOL We still laugh at that one.

    One can never be sure, and it's better to be safe than sorry. Plus this woman was threatening, whether it was with a toy or not. Those around her didn't know that. What if it had been you and a toy grenade??? You'd be upset too.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Concerned Feb 20, 2008

    The problem here is that the gun could have been real and a lot of lives could have been lost if she went on an insane rampage. She'll wish she hadn't done that.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Feb 20, 2008

    How stupid! I believe she should have to spend some time in prison for her actions. Another thing, she was not very bright if she thought she could intimidate the people to get what she wanted. A toy gun? She will be charge just as if it was a "real" gun. I think she will be getting a lot more than that extension on her bill. The officials could charge her with a felony since she had this (toy) gun.

  • islandgirl Feb 20, 2008

    WOW... You went up into the place, held it up with a toy gun, because you needed an extention on your bill, and of course there going to do it because the lady has a gun and is waving it all over the place... I've heard it all now... This has started my day with a laugh... WOW

  • mrsw Feb 20, 2008

    Well I guess she will not have to worry about the electric bill now!

  • mommy2caroline Feb 20, 2008

    Someone needs to go put her back in timeout and take away her toys!

  • babbs Feb 20, 2008

    Now this isn't a terrbily bright woman! Did she think she wouldn't get caught!! Holy Cow!!