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Power flickers on two days after storm

Posted June 15, 2013
Updated June 16, 2013

— Most customers of Duke Energy Progress who lost power in Thursday evening's high winds were enjoying the benefits of electricity by Sunday morning, a company spokesman said.

Of the more than 700,000 customers who lost power to downed trees and power lines at the peak of the problem, only a handful were still without it by Sunday morning and crews were working quickly to finish the job.

Residents of Rockdell Mobile Home Park in Garner were among those who suffered the longest. The entire park was dark through Saturday evening. storm damage Storms down tries, knock out power

Donna and Dennis Williams ran their generator Saturday, but most of their neighbors didn't have that option. 

"This is the first time since I've been down here that we've been without service for more than a couple of hours," she said.

Powerless Triangle residents still without power

Neighbors came across a fleet of power trucks parked down the road, but were told the workers were contractors from Tennessee waiting for their next assignment. 

The power company response ruffled a few feathers in the mobile home park.

"It is a lot slower than Progress Energy was," Williams said of the response from the newly merged Duke Energy Progress. "I know it is the same people, but I don't know if we are getting the same service," Williams said. 

Officials said the high number of outages after the fast-moving storm were on par with what they see after a hurricane. 



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  • liltarheelmommy Jun 18, 2013

    So many people so quick to complain about how long they had to go without power. Be thankful that you atleast had a home to have the power turned back on to. My husband has been a lineman for many years and when storms hit, he and many others work day and night to get it back on. They don't pick and choose who gets theirs turned on first. People think there is just a magical switch that just needs flipping to turn the power back on. Their job is very dangerous and one that not many people can do. These men and women go days and sometimes months without seeing their families but they never get the credit they deserve. They work in the heat, they work in the freezing cold, and they work in the rain so that we can have the "luxury" of electricity. My hat goes off to all the linemen (and women)for all that they do!!

  • tblalock63 Jun 18, 2013

    Be happy you don't have Pepco. They are the MD power company and they routinely take days to restore power in a situation like this.

  • Sherlock Jun 18, 2013

    Duke lineman had to insure that the bosses had all the power they needed first, then the customer is last.

  • Sweets01 Jun 17, 2013

    My grandmother lives in Wendell in did not have power back on until Sat night. I have heard several complaints about Duke Energy's customer service. It appears they have no problems increasing our rates while decreasing our service level. NICE

  • Obamacare forever Jun 17, 2013

    "So far I have no complaints of Duke Energy Power except for them wanting so many rate increases."

    I have a feeling your opinion will change the longer DE services your neighborhood. I'm going to be testing my portable generator very soon.

  • Stormy13 Jun 17, 2013

    I live in West Raleigh, almost in Cary, off Farm Gate Road, and we had our power back by 7:45 PM the evening of the storm. Guess we are some of the lucky ones! So far I have no complaints of Duke Energy Power except for them wanting so many rate increases.

  • RadioDJ Jun 17, 2013

    You would think that Duke would learn a lesson. "It's just too cost prohibitive" to bury lines underground, yet they can spend million in overtime and materials to replace the downed lines every few weeks due to storms. I don't know how the minds of folks like this work, but to me, the cost of at least burying lines in areas with a high likelyhood of downed lines would make economic sense. How has it worked in towns and cities that require lines be underground?

  • kawbkr Jun 17, 2013

    If you think was bad, just wait till we have a hurricane. Progress was the best at customer service and getting power back on quickly. This is just the beginning of the opposite of great service, since Duke took over.