This toddler had the time of his life getting rescued after he locked himself in the car

Posted August 29
Updated August 30

Discovering that your toddler locked himself in the car would certainly be a scary situation. For the parents, that is. When 14-month-old Brandon Emery accidentally locked himself in his mother’s car, she was understandably upset. Brandon, however, looks like he took it all in stride.

This is how it all went down: U.K. mom Kirsty Green was attempting to unload her groceries into the trunk of her car when Brandon kept trying to stand up inside the cart. To prevent him from falling and hurting himself, she decided to place him in the car, where he climbed into the front seat and busied himself playing with the steering wheel. Meanwhile, Green absentmindedly placed her keys in the trunk. When she was done loading the groceries, Green walked around the side of the car. That’s when Brandon gleefully smacked the lock down.

“I was a bit panicky at first, wondering how I was going to get him out, but luckily a few other shoppers quickly came to help me out, and one lady working in Lidl phoned 101,” Green told the Mirror.

Firefighters swiftly arrived on the scene and began trying to free Brandon. As you can see in the photo below from Facebook, the little boy seemed to be having the time of his life as firefighters attempted to rescue him:

While the firefighters used hand tools to try to unlock the doors, Brandon put a coin in his mouth.

“That’s when I started to panic, because I thought, ‘Oh God, what if he chokes on it,'” Green explained.

At that time, firefighters made the decision to smash open the back window and handily pull Brandon to safety.

The rescue mission for the adorable toddler soon went viral, and people on Facebook chimed in to let Green know that she most likely has a lifetime of hijinks ahead of her with Brandon:

“I am so thankful he is OK, but you have your hands full with him. You might wanna keep a journal of the funny things he does,” read one comment.

“So cute, looks like this wee one is having the time of his life. Thank God that these wonderful first responders came to his mischievous aid,” said another.

We’re so glad little Brandon made it out OK, and we hope his mom has been able to relax after that harrowing experience!

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