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This Rooster's a Home Improvement Expert!

Posted March 22, 2014

First there was Depot the Cat, resident customer service agent at a South Carolina Home Depot. Now there's George the Rooster, who holds court over a Texas hardware store. The gentle giant has become so popular with customers that some people visit the store just to see him, with no intent to shop! And his birthday is coming up next week, so the store's owners are preparing to pull out the stops with a party to celebrate.

Like other animal mascots, George sort of fell into the job -- in this case, he was returned to the store after a family realized that their chick was developing into a rooster, and they weren't allowed to keep backyard roosters. While the store staff searched for a home, they ended up falling in love, and they decided to take him on as a permanent employee, to the delight of Dallas contractors and other adoring fans.

Visitors scared of roosters have nothing to fear: George has been handled since birth and as a result he's extremely friendly and sweet. Rumor has it that his preferred place is in the arms of an admirer!

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