This personalized luggage case will make spotting your suitcase much easier

Posted September 6

Getting in and out of the airport is often the worst part of traveling. Your flight landed but now comes the dreaded wait at the luggage carousel. Is that generic black suitcase your generic black suitcase or someone else’s? Better hoist it off the conveyor belt to examine the luggage tag. Not yours? Hoist it back up, and the guessing game continues.

Well, not anymore. This personalized luggage case is a baggage claim game changer.

You wouldn’t want to walk away with a suitcase that wasn’t yours or have someone else accidentally do the same, and there’s finally away to opt out of the guessing game: a surefire way to spot your suitcase instantly. How? Well, it is adorned with a giant photo of your face.

This luggage case-officially named “Head Case“-comes to you by way of online store Firebox. They’re offering you the chance to send in a high-quality photo of your face to make picking up your suitcase a breeze once and for all so you can get on with the rest of your trip!


When you send in a photo, they’ll print it onto a spandex fabric that will stretch across your suitcase. That way, you’ll know exactly which piece of luggage belongs to you (and so will everyone else!)-because it’ll have your face on it.

Pretty genius, huh?

This product will definitely have you wondering why you didn’t think of something like this before, especially since it also comes at a reasonable price point.


One case will run you between $26-$39 depending on whether you’re trying to fit a small suitcase or a large one. But, honestly, that seems like a pretty small price to pay for peace of mind at the airport. Plus, if you choose a scowling photo like the one shown, you’ll get a good laugh (and some weird looks) every time you roll through the airport.

The image does have to be of a face (you can’t customize these with any old photo), and it does have to be high quality. The website recommends a photo taken with a digital camera or “a very fancy smart phone” so that the image won’t be ruined in the printing and stretching process. It does need to look like your face, after all!

If you’re interested in other personalized options (thanks to this face case for introducing us to that possibility), there are other ways you can ensure no one will mistake your suitcase for theirs, too.

You can get your actual suitcase printed with a photo of your choosing or get really creative with a luggage tag-you know, something a little more standout than the ribbon that’s tied on there now-with the help of websites such as Luggage Pros.

Ready to make your life away from home that much easier and, honestly, more fun? Then you may want to consider covering your suitcase with a Head Case!

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