This detachable plane cabin could be the future of airplane safety

Posted July 12

Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias, despite the overwhelming evidence that your chances of dying in an airplane crash are infinitesimally small. While air travel is an extremely safe form of transportation, innovations to make it even safer are always welcome. Which is why the idea of a detachable cabin, designed by former aviation engineer and crash investigator Vladimir Tatarenko, is so intriguing.

Tatarenko proposes a new airplane design in which the cabin is a separately contained section of the plane, with the ability to detach from the cockpit and wings at the push of a button. The roof of the detachable cabin contains two parachutes that can carry the cabin to the ground safely after it has detached from the rest of the plane. Inflatable cushions are built into the bottom of the cabin to allow for a (theoretically) soft, survivable landing on water or land.

Interestingly enough, Tatarenko says his design would not only improve plane safety, it would streamline the arduous boarding process as well. The detachable cabin would allow travelers to board in a separate area, then be delivered to the tarmac and connected to the cockpit and wing section. This could speed up the boarding process and cut down on congestion in airport terminals as large groups all board in the same area.

Airplane seating
Flickr | MattHurst
Flickr | MattHurst

It’s a fascinating and ingenious concept, to be sure, but as CNN Travel points out, Tatarenko’s vision wouldn’t have an easy transition from dream to reality. It would be incredibly costly to manufacture and test the new design, and there are some major issues with the concept itself, such as how the cabin would safely land in a mountainous or urban area (and also, what about the pilots’ safety?).

Still, it’s a creative new way to think about the innovative safety features we might see in planes of the future. Thanks to Tatarenko, we have a new concept to daydream about, and a potential (if slightly far-fetched) blueprint for what planes might look like a few decades from now.

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