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Third person linked to prostitution of Johnston County teen

Posted July 12, 2011
Updated July 13, 2011

— The Johnston County Sheriff's Office made a third arrest Monday linked to the alleged prostitution of a teenage girl. Teresa Ashworth Page, 41, of 1120 William R. King Road in Newtown Grove, is charged with felony child abuse by prostitution.

Authorities allege that Johnny Franklin Thornton, 62, of 8281 Harper House Road, paid Page, who allowed him to have sex with a girl who was 15 at the time. Thornton and his daughter-in-law, Tina Tucker Thornton, of 2321 Mount Olive Highway in Newton Grove, were arrested Friday.

All three were being held Tuesday in the Johnston County jail. 

Deputy Chief Bengie Gaddis said authorities were tipped off in February that Johnny Thornton was having a relationship with the girl. Investigators allege the relationship spanned eight months, from September of 2010 until May. 


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  • lilbearsmom06 Jul 20, 2011

    First of all you need to know the whole story before you go to bashing anyone on her. They 15yr old girl did voluntarily stay with Johnny. No one is ashamed of Tina b/c she is innocent, she was pulled into this for nothing & there was no ring going on at all, the media has pulled this case way out of proportion.

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Jul 13, 2011

    This story is another reason why I refuse to live in JOCO.

  • Sweetgrl3 Jul 13, 2011

    Maybe I have missed something but how was the DIL involved? The mother and this man are a sorry excuse for a human being.

  • Fireflies Rock Jul 13, 2011

    Let's get this straight....either the girl was raped, or she was "in a relationship" with this creep. Don't say she was in a relationship with him - what 15 year old would voluntarily have a relationship with a 62 year old?! She was obviously at the very least coerced, and these horrible people should be tossed in a cell for the rest of their lives. This guy, who obviously thinks females are chattel, has more than likely victimized countless women/girls over the course of his life. People like this make me sick; how DARE they victimize another human being in this way, especially a kid! I'm so angry I can't even begin to say. I hope this kids gets the help she needs to move on with her life; I bet one of these women were responsible for her care. Dreck of society.

  • smashedglass Jul 13, 2011

    "How did Page "allow" him to do this to a 15 year old? Didn't the 15 year old know that she was having sex with an old man? Wasn't she consenting to this more or less unless she had some kind of mental disorder? This is really gross - I wouldn't let any of these people come within 50 feet of me during the day or night, they look disgusting. There has to be much more to this to have taken place over 8 months time, things like this make my skin crawl...." -NoWayyyyy

    How you can even imply something like that? The child's fault? Are you kidding me?! So I'm also guessing that you think when a child is sold into sex slavery overseas, it's that child's fault too? Cause some of them are 15. This girl was probably abused, no terrorized, psychologically. She was probably terrified to disobey.

    Shame on you.

  • phishin87 Jul 13, 2011

    these people are disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves. does anyone have any sense of morality these days?

  • blahblahblah Jul 13, 2011

    beachboater - if no one knew it was happening, how could "they" stop it?

  • jnjn796 Jul 13, 2011

    Johnny & Tina I hope you get what you deserve messing with a mentally handicapped minor! The people in your community are outraged! Johnny I knew your Mama& Daddy & I'm so glad they're not here to see this! Tersa you're a sorry excuse for a Mama!

  • grandmadof8 Jul 13, 2011

    Where are the parents that this child belongs too?? Not one mention of them and their role, if any, in this horrible crime.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Jul 13, 2011

    TrueBlue, every town has some W.T.