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Thieves Target Sampson County Cemetery

Posted May 7, 2007

— A Clinton woman claims somebody has been stealing flowers from a Sampson County cemetery.

Joyce Melson said thieves recently ripped away a wreath from her husband's grave in the Clinton cemetery.

Clinton police said it also received complaints of cemetery flowers blowing into nearby yards.

Authorities said they have no leads, but they said putting expensive flowers on graves can be an attraction to thieves.


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  • Opinionated One May 8, 2007

    If someone is seriously stealing these arrangements, where are they selling them, the flea market? Who is buying them?

    I cannot remember the last time I was out looking to purchase used flower arrangements.

  • pmelson May 8, 2007

    IT did not blow away because it was wired down - i'm the daughter and it stayed thru high winds - you could see where someone snapped the wires.

  • littleredwolfie May 8, 2007

    I agree with packandcanesfan. Anyone who would do this sort of thing is scum. My grandparents have been dead for quite a few years (they raised me). I used to travel down to Johnston County to put flowers on their graves for every occasion (birthdays, Christmas, their anniversary) but the flowers were taken almost immediately. I said something to the caretaker of the cemetery but he said this was a common occurrence. This is really sad!!! If these vandals are caught, they need to be punished...if nothing else, some community service work...keeping the cemetery clean!!!

  • Opinionated One May 8, 2007

    Thieves Target Sampson County Cemetery. Hmmmm... Do they know someone is stealing them? Which, I hope is not the case! Are they positive the wind did not blow them away? I see arrangements tumbling across the local cemetery all the time from the wind.

    Maybe the headline should be.. Police Investigating Missing Cemetery Arrangements

  • this is my Screen Name May 8, 2007

    I wonder if there is a larger occurance of stolen flowers around Valentine's Day.

  • grandmaj May 8, 2007

    I didn't "bother the police" about my missing angel, but I did bring it to the attention of cemetery officials. I was told I could take it small claims court, but I decided it wasn't worth the bother. I don't put anything out there now. It's kind of sad though, that some people don't have any respect for the dead or their families.

  • blindjustice07 May 8, 2007

    Our local cemetery has had problems with people stealing flowers for years. In this case, its the large arrangements with the stands on them, like the "sprays". The thieves take them for the stands, they can sell them back to the florists shops, who as no questions about it. People also steal flags from the cemetery too. (yard/garden flags) And this occurs when there is little or no wind, so don't even start with that.

  • grandmaj May 8, 2007

    I realize this is not a very big issue in the overall scheme of things, but it didn't just start this week. I have a close family member who is buried in the Clinton cemetery, and everything we put on the grave disappears. Five years ago, I purchased a statue of an angel (made of concrete) and placed it on the family plot. That thing was so heavy that someone else had to load it in the truck for me. Well, it was gone in less than a week. I don't think the wind blew it away.. . .

  • spiritwarriorwoman May 8, 2007

    With the winds being what they've been, the wreath is probably in VA or SC by now.

    But I have to admit - I wouldn't bother the police with a stolen cemetery wreath. I'd just consider them gone and get on with my life.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • OLD PIRATE May 8, 2007

    Might be a trashy storey but after recent high winds we had HUNDREDS of plastic arrangements all over peoples yards. I'm sorry for their loss but these plastic flowers are hardly biodegradeable like flowers.