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Teens arrested in shooting of 14-year-old

Posted January 22, 2010

— Rocky Mount police said Friday that they taken into custody a 16-year-old and 15-year-old charged with the attempted murder of a 14-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man on Glendale Avenue last Saturday night.

Arrest warrants were issued Thursday against Markelius Leon Chambers and a 15-year-old, whose name wasn't released due to his age. Chambers' guardian had reported him as missing earlier on the day of the shooting.

Officers arrested Chambers Thursday night at his 1012 Long Ave. house. He faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injuries. He was placed in the Edgecombe County Jail under a $250,000 bond.

The 15-year-old surrendered at the police department headquarters. Police said a juvenile petition charged him with the same offenses. He was placed in the Pitt Juvenile Detention Facility.

Police said that they suspect that Chambers and the 15-year-old are the two males who got out of a car and began shooting at the 14-year-old and Cortez Sykes in the 600 block of Glendale Avenue around 10:30 p.m. last Saturday. Sykes and the boy ran down the road from them, but the 14-year-old was shot in the upper left chest and right leg, police said.

He was listed in stable condition at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville at last check. Sykes wasn't injured.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 25, 2010

    Desiderata said, 'Guilty...let them suffer as their victims did..."do unto others"'

    Do realize that you're NOT citing the Christian Golden Rule?...which, it seems, that you're alluding to.

    In fact, you're siting the one used by Satanists: "Do unto others as they do unto you"...which is basically the same as "an eye for an eye".

  • fatchanceimwrong Jan 22, 2010

    gman007: Good point and it speaks to the root of the problem...where are the parents?

    2kidz1hub: Question - is your child's father being a father or are you raising your child yourself? Just curious.

    To the responders who stated that parents aren't allowed to spank their kids...spanking is not the only form of punishment and is not to be confused with discipine. Discipline is the part of raising children where you teach them, often through setting a good example yourself, about right and wrong, about reward and punishment, about how actions affect others..and so on. Punishment is not discipline. So many parents don't distinguish the two and don't do a good job of discplining their children, all they do is punish them for the bad behavior.

  • gman007 Jan 22, 2010

    2kid..., No, I think the article said his 'guardian' had reported him missing. No mention of parents.

  • 2kidz1hub Jan 22, 2010

    Didn't the article say the parents had reported the 16-year old missing earlier in the day? Maybe-just maybe-these parents have tried everything they could with no success; felt as if something was going to happen and called the police---maybe.

    I am a black parent with a son and I pray everyday that the influences of today's culture does not entice him.

    All black parents are not lazy, non caring, worthless people. Some of us are trying to raise our children to be outstanding people. However, inspite of all that we do, there are other influences that pull our children other ways.

    And then there are those that put all of us in the same category simply because of a corrupt few.

  • kbo80 Jan 22, 2010

    gman007 Agreed. If you spank you go to jail and if you don't your child will go. Well I plan to handle my child and trust that you will not see his name or picture on any news site. Tough love is the only way to keep kids out of trouble but, there will be a few to clip through.

  • gman007 Jan 22, 2010

    OK, how about this. We want the parents of teenagers arrested because the teenager breaks the law. But, before they are teenagers we want the parents arrested if they spank them. I'd say that puts the parents in a lose/lose situation.

  • oreally Jan 22, 2010

    I am just waiting for someone to come out and blame society, the schools, lawmakers, anyone besides the ones involved for this behavior! Disgusting....

  • Desiderata Jan 22, 2010

    Guilty....throw the book at them..how about put in jail..NO RESOURCES!! let them suffer as their victims did..."do unto others"///

  • fatchanceimwrong Jan 22, 2010

    Two more products of the lack of family structure & parenting and the glorification of gangster/thug mentality in music and movies.

    I totally agree with bbynum5: Parents need to be arrested and charged in cases like this. There has to be some accountibility for people who have kids and fail to be parents. Maybe if parents know that they'll face jail time due to these kinds of actions from their kids, they'll start keeping them off the streets and become involved in what their kids are doing instead of just letting them walk the streets.

  • commonsense99 Jan 22, 2010

    Definitely a big gang issue is Rocky Mount and city officials are scared to admit it. No No not our city, no gangs here. Yeah right!!! Gotta drop the hammer on these gangs now before it gets even worse. Screw activist leaders and groups when they start crying racial profiling and targeting blacks. It's time to stand up to these activist and tell them to shut up and sit it the corner while we take on these gangs by the horns. There is no such thing as PC (political correctness) when people are getting killed!!!! It has to start right now. No group talk sessions to figure out what to do. We need large sweeps of known gang areas now. Shake them up. It's time to terrorize the gangs instead of the gangs terrorizing us!!! Make them afraid of us instead of us afraid of them!!! I am so sick of this!!!!