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Teen's Throat Slashed During Fireworks Show

Posted July 5, 2007
Updated July 6, 2007

— A teen’s throat was slashed during a fight at the Lumberton fireworks show Tuesday night, according to police.

Sheila McKeithan, 16, of Lumberton, was taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center where she reportedly underwent surgery, police said.

Authorities said the fight broke out in the parking lot of Aldi’s grocery store. Authorities said McKeithan was there to watch the fireworks display at Lumberton High School.

According to investigators, it is not known if McKeithan was involved in the fight or how many people were fighting.


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  • mercer88 Jul 7, 2007

    don't worry,,al and jesse will straighten out this misunderstanding

  • Adelinthe Jul 6, 2007

    The crux of this story is not race, nor religion, nor creed, so I am puzzled at the comments regarding same.

    The crux of this story is that A YOUNG GIRL WAS HORRIBLY INJURED!!! She needs prayers and support, not inane suppositions. Besides, the name Sheila McKeithan doesn't sound black nor Indian, regardless of the county's demographics.

    So ya'all get off it, and pray for the girl.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Run_Forrest_Run Jul 6, 2007

    There's 'trash' in every color, race, nationality. There are also good people in every color, race, nationality.

  • AM is Back to Being Immaculate Jul 6, 2007

    I can't believe you people are still talking about race when this article mentions nothing about race AT ALL!

  • hail2opeth Jul 6, 2007

    Well zcorvette, if you could read you would see that I didn't say everyone of the young Lumbee Indians are like this, only the "stereotypical" ones, which I clearly stated might only represent the most violent 5% or so. But as I said, this is how stereotypes are formed. Compare middle class white kids from the Wake County area to lower class Lumbee Indian kids from Robeson County for instance. While it might be that only 1 in 50 of those poorer Lumbee Indian kids would have the inclination to slash your throat during a heated argument, if only 1 in 500 middle class white kids in Wake County would have the inclination to do so, then getting into a heated argument with a Lumbee Indian adolescent would represent a 10 times greater risk to your life. Of course these are only pseudo-statistics, but I warn you, attempting to refute my assertion through hands on research will significantly reduce your life expectancy. =P

  • hefty-lefty Jul 6, 2007


    with a name like that I also question whether you should have children...and if I am miss-reading your name, I apologize

  • vette212 Jul 6, 2007

    when someone insults a young, stereotypical, Robeson County Lumbee Indian, they will fight you. Just ask one!! ????? What?

    Everyone of the young Lumbee Indians are like this? Thats a ignorant statement. I sure there has got to be some good people down there.

  • hail2opeth Jul 6, 2007

    Its not nice to call people "idiots," even if you say there of people of such type among every race. I'm not saying people in Robeson County are stupid. I'm saying the culture down there embraces ignorance. The root of the word ignorance is the word ignore. And that's what an uneducated culture does, it ignores a more educated way of life. For instance, when someone insults a young, stereotypical, Robeson County Lumbee Indian, they will fight you. Just ask one!! They will admit their willingness to do so with pride! And that's what I'm talking about. Now the "stereotypical" portion may only represent the most violent 5% of their race, but this is how stereotypes are born, because its safest for one to assume that if you pick an argument with a Lumbee Indian, you may get your throat slashed. The consequences of not stereotyping one in that manner could be your life!

  • Blessed Jul 6, 2007

    There are idiots of every race. End of story. Somewhere, someone has to take a perfectly nice event and turn it into a brawl, just because they have nothing better to do. It boils down to maturity. Those of us who are mature do not get involved in these types of things. Those who are not mature do not know how to handle themselves in any situation, so they react with anger. What's amazing is there are 5 year olds who are more mature than some adults.

  • hail2opeth Jul 6, 2007

    Okay I admit my first comment on this post was inflammatory, which is probably why it wral staff deleted it. But I grew up in Robeson County. And as anyone who did can witness, regardless of whether the news mentions it, whites are a minority in that county. And as it is anywhere with a relatively low collective level of education, race is a huge issue and violence is very prevalent. Now the chances that this crime was a "hate crime" are slim. The different races stick to themselves down there, hence the victim and the perpetrator where likely of the same race. But make no mistake about it. Robeson County represents the worst of what America has to offer with respect to ignorance, racism, violence, and crime. And its the culture of ignorance, not the race per se, that is the root of the problem.